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3 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms – so it’s no surprise that many of you are the on the lookout for new ways to decorate your bedroom. We’ve put together 9 ideas that we think you’ll love!

Loft Bedroom Inspiration

This bedroom is amazing! In a loft space, the bed and storage stay low so that an office space can be positioned high. We love that this space is adaptive – instead of trying to change the environment, the designer played into the grey walls, exposed steal and rough surfaces:

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 Get the loft look in your space with pieces like…

… this modern white chair…

(Find this Chair)


… or this rich, worn wood flooring:

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Make a Stunning Statement in Your Bedroom

Looking for ways to decorate your bedroom that will take your breath away each time you head for bed? Then it’s time to color outside the lines with a statement piece like this wood carving that is being used as a headboard:

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Note how everything else in the room is simple in shape, size and color. Nothing competes with the statement piece. Once you find your “wow” piece, decorate the rest of your bedroom with understated pieces like…

…simple nightstands…

(Find this nightstand in over 20 colors.)

 … with elegantly simple lamps like this…

(Find this lamp.)

White Wash Your Bedroom

White is a color – and one that is often passed up when we think about redecorating a room. But, as  this bedroom shows, the color white can be the cornerstone of a great way to decorate your bedroom:


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Two of the things that really make this room pop  are the light fixture and the moldings/trim. The detail in each are stunning! Here are some ways you can get the look in your bedroom with…

… a modern, yet classic chandelier…

(Find this light)

… and tall moldings like these…

(Find this molding and more options)


Want more ideas for ways to decorate your bedroom? We’re filling up a whole board with beautiful bedroom ideas at Pinterest – Join Us!

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