Whether you’re a small business or a large company, you need a nice website design. This is as important to your business as the design of your brick and mortar store. 

Your website showcases your products or services and communicates your core values. With 24/7 online sales represented by your website, it is the first contact for many of your potential clients. Here are five tips to assist you in the design and implementation of your new business website.

5 Excellent Website Design Tips

Design Team

Website Design

Of course, not everyone has the time, resources, or expertise for a DIY website. This is why most businesses recruit the services of a professional web agency to help guide them through the website design process.

This ensures that you create something that looks spectacular and functions well. Choose a website design and marketing partner with which you have a good rapport to ensure a smoother process from beginning to end of your website design project.

Responsive Design

Since 2017, the number of people who access the internet is higher on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Mobile use is an upward trend that is expected to continue indefinitely.

Responsive Website Design

Website design with a “responsive” code will automatically adapt to any mobile device or desktop layout. Quikclicks is a good source and can create the right mechanics to improve your website. This is a must-have for today’s website design. Talk with your professional web agency to ensure that your new website is mobile-ready with responsive design.

Quality Content

The words, images, and videos on your website play a crucial part when you create a successful online experience. A powerful copy makes all the difference in the way people interact with your website. Moreover, high-quality video content is one of the best best-known ways to engage your users. The power of content includes the following assets:

  • Gives your brand a voice.
  • Increases your search engine reach.
  • It allows you to illustrate knowledge.
  • Builds dialogue.
  • Increases the chances of visitor engagement.

Page Speed

Do you know that a website page has only 3 to 6 seconds to entice a visitor to stay and read more? If those precious seconds are spent on page load, you might lose your visitor before they know who you are. To avoid this type of ‘bounce rate’, you must optimize the speed of your website.

Not only that, but the page load speed helps determine your website rank with the major search engines. This is how a lightning-fast website helps you be more visible to online customers that search for your product or service.

User Experience

Website Design

A fantastic UX (user experience) is the primary goal of your new website design. However, UX is not only about nice images, neatly arranged on the web page. It is also a process to identify the key personas of your target market.

In addition, it is about the smallest detail of each pixel, button, and function on your site to create the smoothest UX possible. Websites designed with exceptional UX invariably convert at a higher rate. This makes UX a very wise investment.

The design team, responsive design, page speed, quality content, and user experience are your top concerns when you plan your website design. Follow these 5 tips to design, build, and implement a website that attracts the right customers for your business.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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