House and land packages are one of the most popular ways to invest in the housing market because of their affordability. To put it simply, a house and land package is when a property is sold from the developer’s plan without the house. First, the investor settles on the land, then chooses the house design to build on this land.

Most house and land packages in Sydney offer a wide range of options for property purchase. You may ask why a house and land package is better than a ‘ready to buy’ property? Below are a few of the benefits you get when you invest in a house and land package.

Reasons to Invest in House and Land Packages

House and Land packages

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

You often hear people say that you pay a premium price for newly built homes. However, with house and land packages, this doesn’t have to be the case. House and land packages are often the most cost-effective solution if you are interested in investing in a new build. This is mainly due to the savings you make on things such as stamp duty and interest charges (which will be further explained later on).

Many of the house and land packages give the option to customize the design of the property to your needs and requirements. Investing in a property that is tailor-made to suit your requirements has a multitude of benefits. One of the main benefits being that renters love new properties and will often be willing to pay more in rent which helps maximize the return on your investment.

No Hidden Maintenance Costs

Having a newer property also means fewer maintenance costs compared to if you purchase an older property. Unexpected maintenance costs for older properties can be extremely expensive. In some cases, investors lose tenants and therefore, rental payments due to property issues.

Excellent Stamp Duty Savings

The major advantage of house and land packages is that first, the buyer settles only on the land. Therefore, stamp duty pays on the value of the land and not the house that you build after the land purchase. This means huge savings for the investor if you compare stamp duty costs of pre-existing properties to land only. For even more savings it’s also wise to check into government loans such as the first-time homeowner.

There are several stages for the house timeline when you invest in a house and land package. The build phase can take anywhere between six months to a year and depends on the type of property.

During these stages, you often only pay interest on the loan amount that is in use. For example, you may only pay interest on the land or, once laid, the slab. More often than not, the amount paid in interest fees, plus the lower stamp duty for the title on the land, is less than the stamp duty on an existing property.


All in all, investment in a house and land package might be a safe bet for those who want to start their financial portfolio. We recommend that you continue research on this topic and we wish you complete success on your new investment in a house and land package.

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