Does the shape of a glass affect the drink inside it? Here are four of the most popular glasses here, and how they could transform a drink.

Budding mixologist might be used to mixing things up and putting it in any glass that you might have. However, this could mean that you are not enjoying your drink to its fullest potential. Did you know that the shape of the glass might influence the taste of the drink overall? Continue reading to find the four most commonly used glasses for serving drinks, and why you should use each one.

does the shape of a glass affect the drink?


Chances are that you already have tumblers around your home. In addition to being used with cocktails and other drinks, they are frequently used for drinking water and other non-alcoholic beverages.

This glass is instantly recognizable for its short and wide shape and thick base. Tumblers are typically used for drinks such as bourbon. They help to draw away some of the warmth of your hand into the glass and therefore the alcohol, awakening some of the notes deep inside it.


Flutes are the go-to for many drinks like champagne or prosecco and are also used for many cocktails that feature such drinks. If you don’t want stemmed ones, modern stemless champagne flutes can be a fantastic option here. Stemmed flutes are classic, but some have a weak link which can easily get broken.

Flutes allow for the bubbles of the drinks to escape upwards, and this can make for a beautiful aesthetic. Make sure that you don’t serve cocktails that are too cloudy in your flutes so that you can clearly see the bubbles.

Martini Glasses

With their shallow conical shape, the martini glass can be used with a vast variety of cocktail recipes. If you want to expand your abilities as a mixologist, you should think about investing in some of these!

The shallow expanse of the martini glass allows for alcoholic vapor and the various fragrances of the drink to escape. Drinking the same drink out of a tumbler and martini glass will be a very different experience, with many finding that the drink from the martini glass is a bit softer.


Coupe glasses are often used as an alternative to flutes for champagne. However, you should avoid serving champagne out of these styles of glasses if possible. They have one of the largest surface areas amongst glasses, meaning the bubbles of champagne could just escape too quickly.

Therefore, you should avoid putting anything too carbonated into a coupe. Instead, you should serve sweet, blended cocktails that will always work better as a blend as opposed to needing to taste the individual elements that make it up.


These are four of the most popular glasses used to serve drinks. Serve the same drink in each of them and you will quickly notice a difference in taste, though it could even be the same batch of cocktail that has gone into each of them. If you want to improve your mixology skills, you need to invest in some different types of glass to really bring your concoctions to life.

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