Amazing Record Breakers with Big Slot Jackpot Wins

Winning jackpots is top of everyone’s list when it comes to online slot gaming. In fact, it’s the ultimate cherry on the cake! Winning the slot jackpot makes it all the more appealing this sense of victory adds something special to the game for everyone who plays.

Not only that but if you win a Slotzo casino slots jackpot then you already know the appeal and the rewards of gaming. To top it off, you have lots of fun in the process. If this piques your interest, we invite you to continue reading to learn about some lucky winners in this century and the last.

Amazing Record Breakers with Big Slot Jackpot Wins


One lucky British player got a huge win in 2013 with the very popular game Mega Moolah. Surprisingly, another person beat that and the record went to another Finnish player of the game. So, this second person won even more than that on the mega fortune slot game.

Although rumor has it that the Finnish player actually won an amount that was $30,000 less than the British winner, it is hilarious to suggest that either lost out on anything with winnings of that size.

Moreover, when you take into account that the Finnish winner was said to be around 18 years old at the time and that he was about to give up makes even more significant. Additionally, this is a good lesson for others in never giving up.

Another good story is about a young Norwegian who, in 2011, was having a hard time sleeping. So, he went online and played a game with a mega jackpot. Amazingly, he won a huge jackpot of $12.5 million. Does this mean insomnia has its own silver lining? Perhaps!

Another lad who did good with an online casino recorded a video to celebrate his fantastic win. Happily, in the video, he explained that he did not really know what he would do with the money. However, there is no doubt he finds a good use for it.

What about Mobile Jackpots?

But the fun of the winnings doesn’t stop there. In fact, Mega Moolah was clearly feeling more generous than some other games in 2016 when another player hit a huge jackpot from the Zodiac Casino using his mobile phone.

Amazingly, he took home the 7.9 euro million jackpot. This is the highest recorded jackpot win from a mobile phone ever.

Now onto another one of the biggest jackpot winnings. One lucky lady won a huge 7.6 million euro jackpot playing Hall of Gods in Sweden, in Feb 2012.

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