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Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring with PDB Homestore

As winter is starting to come to an end, St. Patrick’s Day and springtime are just around the corner. Instead of venturing out, why not get ready for St. Patrick’s Day in your own home and invite all your family and friends? The PDB Homestore has exactly what you need for hosting a memorable St. Patrick’s Day party!

Martini Shaker

Drinks are a must have for St. Patrick’s Day. The Polka Dot Shaker comes in a sleek design and is fabricated from high quality stainless steel, perfect for all your entertaining needs.

polka dot

Drinkwise Pilsner

If your guests aren’t into martinis and mixed drinks, then serve up some beer! These Drinkwise Glass Pilsners are perfect to serve your guests with. As an added bonus, these glasses are Industrial dishwasher safe for more than 3,000 washings!


Sampler Holder

Of course your guests will be hungry, so serve them food by displaying it in the Sampler Holder. The Sampler Holder is perfect for parties, as guests can grab food which is perfectly portioned for them.


Phi Phi Bar

Last but not least, continuing with the entertaining theme, a bar is a must have for your home. The Phi Phi Bar is absolutely stunning and is also very practical! The Phi Phi Bar comes with multiple levels of shelving and is the perfect piece for entertaining!


Written by: Sharan Kaur, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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