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Do It Yourself Holiday Design for the Staircase

diy home decor design for handrail starcase holiday decor. Tea candles inside hanging glass globes

The holidays are a festive time filled with love, laughter, and DECORATING!  For an easy do it yourself design that will fit in any small space, from a handrail to a columned entryway, try using the following holiday decorating tip from our expert contributor and author, Jessica Garvey.

Stairwell Designs for the Holidays

Spruce up your staircase this holiday season with a unique design that wont break the bank! Take three glass globes and hang them from your bannister with fishing wire! Fill the balls with fresh cranberries and tea lights. These items are super cheap and add color and texture to the display. You can vary the design by filling some balls with mini ornaments, sparkle branches and flameless candles! This sure beats the boring staircase wrapped with christmas garland!

I used this design at my holiday party and my guests were wowed! It became a great subject of conversation and people even too the fresh cranberries out of the globes to try them. Fresh cranberries are always a hit because people don’t usually see them in their natural form so it creates intrigue! Make a hit this holiday season by incorporating this design element into your displays!

Jessica Garvey, Author of The Hostess Handbook for the Young, Broke and Fabulous, The Hostess Handbook 

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