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Decorating with Pumpkins for the Fall Season

Fall is just around the corner and we have been noticing on Pinterest a TON of creative ways to decorate your home using pumpkins, both inside and out!  From painting and carving to covering and stacking, these projects are fun, easy, and super cute!

Glitter Pumpkins

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A cute alternative to carving your pumpkins is to add some glitz and glitter.  This grouping of stacked squash is perfect for a front porch.  You can spell out your favorite fall saying, use your house numbers, or spell out your last name for a more personal design.

Pumpkin Tree

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What a beautiful grouping for an indoor design.  Using different shapes, sizes and colors, these pumpkins add a perfect touch of fall to your home decor.

Pumpkin Dots

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This is a simple way to decorate your pumpkins without the mess of carving or painting with multi-colored paints.  Just add some black dots in your favorite design and you have a beautifully decorated pumpkin for your home.

Pumpkin Ice Bowl

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Hosting a party this fall?  Get creative and use a pumpkin to hold your iced beverages.

Zombie Pumpkins

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Don’t be the last to celebrate the Zombie Apocalypse.  Join the bandwagon by incorporating these crazy creatures into your fall decor.

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