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How to Add Graphic Art Designs to Your Home or Business

Graphic art is a broad topic but traditionally, it refers to the application of lines and strokes to a two-dimensional surface. Furthermore, it refers to techniques in which images are produced from blocks, plates, or type, such as those you find in engraving and lithography. For this post, we invite you to think of graphic arts as a tool to enhance the interior design of your home or business.

Of course, in today’s world, many graphic arts are now produced with the use of computers for unlimited possibilities. Almost everywhere we look, we find representations of graphic art. However, the question remains, how do graphic art designs work their way into our homes and businesses?

To help answer that question, we’ve gleaned the internet to bring you some interesting ways to incorporate graphic art into your surroundings.

Excellent Ways to Add Graphic Art Designs to your Home or Business

Typography for the Walls

We love this wall typography that displays an inspirational quote from Sir Richard Branson. It’s stylish, engaging, and contemporary. Moreover, it carries an important message that helps employees throughout their day. I venture to say that there’s a glaring, blank wall in almost every office that needs this type of message to enliven the employee’s spirit.

Pattern Etchings on Glass Panels

Most will agree that there are few shapes more endearing than the chocolate kiss drop also known as the flat-bottom teardrop shape. When these shapes are applied to this neutral conference room, it gives this meeting room the pizazz it deserves yet blends in with the rest of the decor. It also affords a level of privacy as a distraction to passersby.

Clever Working Design

Hand-drawn graphics and photography compliment the overall design of this office when hung with big binder clips from the sprinkler system. This is an example of work becoming room design, so it’s functional and also very attractive in its spacious design. This room goes from minimally boring to excitement and productivity with the additions of these terrific panels.

Yellow • White • Zebras

What is more charming than this depiction of white zebra heads on a bright yellow wall in this restaurant setting? This restaurant graphic art uses yellow and white as its color scheme and the results are spectacular.

Teenage Bold Bedroom

Abstract graphic art designed by a teenager gets our approval for originality. It takes a lot of tenacity to design an entire room as a single statement of graphic art. Colors pop in this light and airy room with the additional benefit of the natural light through the glass doors.

Graphic Art in Frames & Rugs

We must not neglect the graphic art found in frames and rugs. You may not think of these items as graphic art but by all definitions, they carry their creative weight in the design of this multi-textured dining room. The pattern in the framed wall hangings carries over to a simpler but compatible design in the area rug and is complemented by the opposing oval wall mirror.

The sky is the limit when you add pops of graphics to your decor so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll soon run out of ideas. Hopefully, these examples give you excellent ideas for the inclusion of graphic art in your designing home or office surroundings.

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