The real-estate market has grown in the past few years, thanks to the rising housing demands. However, the number of misconceptions being spread has also risen at a similar rate. There are many un-proven “facts” being relayed to first-time sellers to convince them to make the sale. 

The reason behind today’s post is to look at some of the top myths that you shouldn’t believe when you sell your home. Some reports state that homes will stay on the market for 65 days before being snapped up.

To make matters even more difficult, there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to this topic. To help steer you in the right direction with good information, the following is a list of top myths to avoid.

Sell Your Home Fast • Top Myths to Avoid 

Top Myths What Not to Believe When Selling your Home

Stick To One Advertising Channel

If you sell a home without help from a real estate agent, there’s temptation to sign up for the Multiple Listing Service and call it a day. However, if you really want to get it done fast, you need to expand your reach and use other channels like social media, print ads, etc. You can borrow some real estate advertising ideas from professional agents.

You Must Remodel

Sure, adding a bedroom can result in monumental rewards in some cases. Many people have been made to believe that with renovations, they might get high value for their property. Inasmuch there is some truth in that, that’s not always the case. As a matter of fact, there are some buyers like Four 19 Properties that’ll buy your house “as is”, and you can still make good money.

 In addition, many homeowners don’t get back even close the amount of money that they invest. There are those who make heavy renovations to their home only to find out later that all those tasks added a few dollars to the initial value.

However, it only means that you need to be selective with your upgrades. Instead of risking tens of thousands, try something that will boost your curb appeal like a regular lawn service. Or, simply give your home a coat of paint. Regardless, don’t fall into the trap of investing huge sums of money to try and prompt more interest in your property.

Oh, and always remember to clean! Decluttering and rearranging your home is not part of heavy renovation projects. As a matter of fact, removal of a few stains here and there could prove vital in the grand scheme of things.

Top Myths What Not to Believe When Selling your Home

Don’t Do Anything

Conversely, some advice states that you shouldn’t do anything to your home. As we all know, there is a market for people looking for a fixer-upper. Those homes are sometimes marketed at a lower price because they need some work.

However, this market isn’t huge, and most buyers want something that is ready to move into. So, even though you don’t need to make major changes, try to ensure that small imperfections, like cracked paint and broken light bulbs, are in good repair. If not, these little things start to add up and prospective buyers might turn away from the sale.

So, just because renovations shouldn’t be your top priority doesn’t mean you can ignore everything. You need to go around your home and see which areas require some tweaking. As you do so, consider your budget.

Wait Until Spring and Summer

If you need to move in the winter, don’t buy into this myth. Sure, a lot of sales do happen in the warmer months, but sales still happen in the winter months so, don’t let that deter you.

Of course, if you do sell during the winter, prep your home accordingly. This usually means clearing leaves and any other yard debris that is common during this season.

Top Myths What Not to Believe When Selling your Home

You Must Hire a Home Staging Pro

Home staging is something that is a really important tactic in your bid to sell your house. In fact, it has been proven that homes which are staged are 5% more likely to sell quicker. But it doesn’t always require professional services to stage your home for a sale. If you clear the clutter, rearrange your furniture, it all helps. So, don’t be afraid to do what you are able to set your own home staging.

Believe it or not, all of this can contribute to a quicker house sale. We hope this gives you an idea of what you can do yourself to contribute to the fast sale of your home. We’ve also included links below to further help you on your homeowner’s journey.

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