Have you ever considered the possibility of designing an easy-to-clean home? After all, there is more to designing a home than the layout and furniture. However, if you follow a few simple tips and guidelines, your house can be easy and enjoyable to clean – by design! 

So, let’s get started with these great tips about how to design an easy-to-clean home.

Design Your Home to be Easy to Clean

Does Color Matter?

Easy to clean furniture

Color doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the paint or upholstery. Obviously, if everything is white, even the smallest smudges are going to show. But, any color holds smudges. The trick is not to try to camouflage messes but to be able to quickly and easily remove them.

So, consult with your painting experts to select the right paint for the right surfaces to ensure an easy-to-clean home. Also, when shopping for furniture and other household items, ask the salespeople to show you items that have fabrics and finishes that fit your family’s lifestyle. Taking this step, in the beginning, will save you a great deal of cleaning in the future.

Of course, you can stick to browns and tans or other neutrals that don’t show dirt as easily, but if you like a brighter look, simply ask for more durable, washable products.

What about Furniture?

Textures for easy cleaning

Choose furniture, accessories, and fittings that again, reflect your family’s lifestyle. If you have an especially active family, purchase quality furniture with surfaces that won’t break the bank if someone spills their juice. For instance, even though you may absolutely love a certain exquisitely designed silk sofa, if you have small children, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the cleaning bills not to mention the little hurt feelings!

Instead, opt for something less likely to make your heart race when someone spills on it or trips over it. It’s easy to shop around and purchase furniture and window fittings that are easy to clean with simple lines, well-crafted joints, and guarantees of durability. For example, a glass Juliet balcony has a simple structure and you can simply wipe it clean with very little effort.

What about Air Circulation & Windows?

Good windows and seals

Lots of humidity, dirt, and sunlight come in through the windows. To eliminate damaging humidity and excess dust, ensure that your windows are well sealed, especially during the winter. Also, place your furniture properly so that it doesn’t get areas of sun fading over time.

A great tip for clean air is to change the filters in your HVAC system regularly. Also, learn to keep your thermostat programmed in advance for the best comfort levels. This is a more effective way to keep air circulating while lowering your power bills than to open windows that let dust and humidity inside your home.

So, we highly recommend that you check all your windows every few months and replace or fix any defective ones right away. However, if you have a high-rise building, this task will be extremely difficult for you to do on your own. You should hire a team from https://www.ropeaccessinlondon.co.uk/ to use the latest techniques and replace your windows quickly and safely.

Eliminating Clutter is Key

A cluttered room means difficulty navigating and an even more difficult time cleaning. To avoid this, design your home with storage spaces wherever possible to help your home stay clutter-free. Extra built-in storage space will give you a place to organize the things you don’t want sitting out.

It’s true that some people fill their rooms with all kinds of things that don’t hold any aesthetic value or perform a necessary function. Instead, develop a critical eye for this and regularly remove the extra clutter. I promise you, this will dramatically cut down cleaning time.

After reading these tips, we hope you have good ideas about how to design your easy-to-clean home. Leave your fantastic ideas on how to design an easy-to-clean home in the comments! We’ve also included some links below that might of further interest to you.

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