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Fine Art Photography for Your Home or Office

Artwork and color inspires decor from home to office to industry.  Learn how Larry Oskin, President of Art Beautique, uses his marketing and PR business to find new and unique ways to create ambiance by placing Fine Art Photography in spaces for his clientele.

Many pieces of artwork and fine art photography have inspired us in our home and in my office. Just as importantly, our marketing and PR business which specializes in the beauty, salon, spa, health and wellness industries has inspired the creation of many different creative art pieces.

I work with both high and low resolution photograph. Several low resolution examples from very 3 different collections are pictured below. I recently launched Art Beautique last year to celebrate and inspire beauty!

Business & Work Inspired Fine Art Photography:

Since we specialize in the beauty, salon, spa, health and wellness industries, these pieces have brought a beautiful sense of peace and tranquility into our office environment.

Spa Moment!

Spa Candle!

Home & Office Inspired Fine Art Photography:

These are a few examples of artwork that help bring life, fun, color and energy into our home and office.

Pretty In Pink!

Baby Blues!

Giraffe Colors!

Zebra Colors!

How have you used Fine Art Photography in spaces to create a mood that inspires?

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