Digital marketing has taken over a large portion of the marketing world, but this doesn’t mean the traditional marketing methods are outdated. Methods such as outdoor marketing are still growing despite the digital switch. For instance, billboards consist of up to 65% of total outdoor marketing, whereas signs and public benches are still prevalent. For you to get a share of this number, you need to employ the best strategies. Are you interested in know how you might make more money with outdoor marketing? Then, let’s have a look at the following outdoor marketing strategies that might work for your business.

5 Ideas for Your Business’ Outdoor Marketing Strategies

Outdoor Marketing Strategies - billboard advertising

Use creative billboard ads.

When it comes to the use of billboards, you’re probably aware that you’re not going to be alone in the market. The streets are saturated with all kinds of billboards from different brands. The chances that you’re going to be visible are very low, but you can improve this chance if you try being creative with your ads.

Thanks to technology, billboard advertising now packages content with a lot of creativity. Try digital or moving billboards and get your brand noticed by commuters. A big visual with moving graphics and video marketing will not go unnoticed.

Carry out event marketing.

There are numerous outdoor events taking place every day. These events provide a perfect opportunity to introduce your business to the world. Outdoor events also allow you to interact one-on-one with your customers. It gives your marketing efforts some form of human touch.

Outdoor Marketing Strategies - Outdoor Event

Some of the events you can attend include concerts, car shows, product trials, and more. Don’t go to the events empty-handed if you want to attract customers. Carry promotional materials for events such as brochures, wristbands, pamphlets, and business cards.

Be on the move with transit advertising.

Outdoor Marketing Strategies - ads on city busses.

You can reach people in different locations if you use public transportation as a mode of advertisement. This method of outdoor advertising aims to display ads in front of the riders and other commuters. Buses, trains, and airplanes can all serve as vehicles for your ads in the form of decals. You can also use live boards and posters in waiting areas or platforms.

Street furniture advertising.

Outdoor Marketing Strategies - Street furniture advertsiing - ad at a bus stop.

Display your ads on benches, kiosks, parking garages and bus shelters. Street furniture advertising mostly targets pedestrians. You can afford to be more detailed here, as this kind of audience has time to read and even take pictures of the ads.

Point of sale displays.

If you have a physical store, a point of sale display is an effective way to catch a customers’ attention at the time of purchase. This kind of advertising is highly effective since it targets customers who are ready to check out. As the customers are already buying, they are more likely to add another item to their purchase.

Final thoughts.

While some marketing strategies are older than others, there aren’t any that are truly outdated.  Don’t disregard outdoor marketing without trying it out. As long as people walk on the streets and drive on the roads, outdoor marketing is not going anywhere.

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