It’s no secret that over the past decade, dental practices have become a seller’s market. With dentists staying in the business longer and immigrants with excellent skills competing for jobs, a successful dental clinic can sell for upwards of a half a million dollars depending on where you buy. So, why is it wise to redesign a newly-purchased dental practice?

The fact is, it’s all the more important to capitalize on your investment if you purchase an existing practice. Additionally, today’s dentists often employ many ways to use the transition period to grow their patient base. A few of those tactics include the following:

  • Mailers
  • Clinics
  • Neighborhood events
  • Social media advertising
  • Patient calls

These outreach efforts help you start building relationships with the previous owner’s patients while reaching out to new ones. So, consider using all the tools at your disposal to communicate your own vision for the clinic’s future. However, none of these is as essential as the design of the clinic itself.

Clinic design communicates your values, and is a tangible expression of the transition to new management. If you’re planning on purchasing a clinic and want to make the most of your investment, here are three primary reasons to redesign a newly-purchased dental practice.

Excellent Reasons to Re-Design a Newly-Purchased Dental Practice

3 Reasons to Redesign a Newly-Purchased Dental Practice

1. Redesigning Communicates New Management

When a business is around for a certain amount of time, inertia sets in. The dental team and the existing patients don’t notice that the wallpaper is out of style or the art on the walls is faded, along with the same old chairs in the waiting area.

But new patients do notice these things, so it’s important to communicate that the practice is under new management. In fact, a bold redesign of the interior space is non-negotiable so, be sure to factor into the cost of buying a dental practice from the very beginning.

2. Redesign for More Efficient Space Use

Technology changes quickly in the world of dentistry, and if a clinic hasn’t undergone renovations in the past decade, chances are high that the design of the space is not optimally efficient.

Working with a contractor with experience in dental clinic design is a great way to ensure that you rebuild the interior with an eye to current and future needs. You also must ensure that your new floor plan will save time and energy for patients and hygienists alike.

3. A Redesign Must Emphasize Patient Needs

One of the reasons dentists taking over an existing practice may be reluctant to redesign their new clinic is due to a fear that this will alienate the existing patient base.

This is a valid concern, and like any other aspect of a transition in ownership, a redesign should take into account what existing patients like about the space. A design that focuses on the needs and comfort of the patients, however, is often as enthusiastically received by existing clients as it is by new ones.

In a saturated market like dentistry, figuring out how to make your clinic stand out is essential if you want to succeed in your practice. Many dentists use specialization to attract a specific clientele, but if you’ve just taken over an existing practice, you will need to do more than simply add a tab on your webpage to communicate how the clinic has changed.

In Conclusion

Clinic design is a critical aspect of branding, so if you want to make a splash when you open, hire a commercial construction company to help you create a space that truly reflects your new direction.

If you have more suggestions about how to redesign a recently-purchased dental practice, please enter them in the comments below. Also below, you will find links that take you to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN.

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