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Help For an Outdated Bachelor Pad

We are again hearing more great stories of how the simple transformation of painting and remodeling can put a whole lot of value in your living space.  Check out the following story from our expert contributor and property transformation specialist, Charyn Youngson.  She was able to revive the spare bedroom in an outdated bachelor pad to give this home a more modern and appealing decor.

PROBLEM – Outdated Bachelor Pad needing some professional styling help.

We were given the job of transforming a 2 bedroom bachelor pad ready for auction. The clueless owner had no decorating sense whatsoever and the spare room had no resemblance to a functioning bedroom. It was dark and gloomy and crammed full with a sofa bed for occasional visitors, a computer desk and office equipment.

So out with all the clutter! We instructed the owner to remove everything from the bedroom and we got to work with a blank canvas. The navy blue curtains were taken down and replaced with white panel glides that immediately let in the light. We then installed a double bed and 2 bedside tables to showcase the space of the room.. The bed was dressed in beautiful white bed linen and we finished it off with decorative cushions and a throw rug. For some visual impact we chose orange as our main accent color and carried this theme through with a large feature cushion, art work and table lamps. Our secondary color accents were silver, black and a touch of purple.

In less than one day we transformed his drab and ordinary space into a contemporary, stylish urban apartment with wow factor.

At the first open inspection the apartment was filled with potential buyers and it was sold 20 minutes later! The house never went to auction and the owner was ecstatic with the fast result.

Charyn Youngson, Property Transformation Specialist, Houses to Impress

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