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Interior Design Inspired by Industrial Decor

Industrial design showcases the many aspects of an era booming with growth and development. Manufacturing was once a strong economic factor in the United States and contributed highly to the nation’s prosperity. When incorporating an industrial theme into interior design, expect to be enveloped in the raw materials of an infrastructure that brings us back to the bones, the core of strength and solidity on which hard work and elbow grease produced a nation of wealth and luxury.

Following is an interior design project inspired by industry and craftsmanship, bearing all the elements of engineering and technology.

Curtis Nysmith’s SmithHouse designed by Kristofer Keith of Spacecraft Group includes 10,426 square feet of brick, woods, and leathers and 120 beers on tap.

This interior design inspired by industry begins outdoors with a metal sign that welcomes guests to a unique experience.

Exposed brick and wooden rafters used in this interior design give a factory feel to the large  and open dining area.

Including vintage, block lettering into this industrial decor takes us back to a time when function out-weighed appearance and the quality of service was all the advertising one needs.

The use of raw materials like wood, brick, and leather in this interior design concept, give the space a craftsman’s quality that invokes feelings of authenticity.

As industry focuses on the mass-production of various products, it is only fitting that the mass-selection of 120 beers on tap be available in this modern, factory setting.

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