Most of us love looking at our favorite celebs homes for inspiration and enjoyment. That’s because we all know that our homes aren’t merely places to crash. Rather, a home is where you are your unapologetic self at all times. In fact, you might even think it’s an undeniable part of your identity.

Additionally, interior design is a creative outlet for your self-expression. However, it must also be something that works for YOU. But, what better source for inspiration is there than your favorite celebs?

You are invited to continue reading to find out how A-listers are decorating their not-so-humble abodes.

Design Inspirations from Your Favorite Celebs

Design Inspirations from Your Favorite Celebs

Gigi Hadid’s Love for Bold Colors

One of this generation’s top supermodel Gigi Hadid recently shared pictures of her newly completed NYC apartment with her nearly 60 million Instagram followers. Her interior designing choices are anything but predictable. It’s a far cry from usual celebrity homes that focus on extreme minimalism with everything neutral.

Follow Gigi’s footsteps, or shall we say fierce catwalk and embrace bold colors and patterns. Every cushion on her sectional sofa is a different color and texture! ‘More is more’ is certainly an ideology we can get behind.

Dakota Johnson’s’ Decor with Sentimental Value

Actor Dakota Johnsons’s breezy LA home is chic and yet feels homey. Her love for home decor with sentimental value is apparent throughout the house. The vintage piano in the living room, alphabetized collections of records, photographs of friends and family are some charming touches. If you’re over the trendy modish kitchen with a neutral color scheme, let Dakota inspire you to paint it green!

Make Your Fashion Dreams Come True Like Tan France

Do you live and breathe fashion? Give in to your Carrie Bradshaw fashion fantasies and build your dream closet. But what if you don’t have a built-in closet in your house? Let Queer Eye’s Tan France help you out! Most homeowners tend to use their attic for storage. But Tan transformed his attic into an enviable fashion closet.

Liza Koshy’s Social Backyard

Backyards are one of those spaces that most overlook and underestimate. But they hold the potential of the ultimate hangout spot for you and your friends. Take a look at Youtube sensation Liza Koshy’s social backyard. Her design includes a full dining table, hammock, grill, and even a fountain in her backyard. Let this be the favorite celeb’s inspiration you need to give your backyard an inspiring makeover.

Kendall Jenner’s Take on Living Spaces

In today’s modern world, a living room without a TV sounds bizarre, but Kendall Jenner does it. It actually makes a lot of sense because when you’re hanging out with your friends and family, you want great conversations instead of just watching television. Also, without a television in your living room, all your beautiful home decor stands out more. If you want exclusive furniture to make your space stand out, check out designers like Pianca.

Prioritize Comfort Like David Dobrik

Many of us tend to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style, even with interior design. But home is a place where you should be able to relax. For that, you need a couch for lounging on lazy afternoons. Social media star David Dobrik considers his Cloud Couch one of the best purchases for his house. Sure, the couch is quite simple looking, but the comfort makes up for it.

Find a Theme Like Cara & Poppy Delevigne

Don’t be afraid to introduce a theme to your interiors. Cara and Poppy Delevigne’s home follows a delightful jungle theme. However, it’s important to find the right balance, or else your home might end up looking like an exhibition.

Do you have any other suggestions from your favorite celebs? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Be sure to check out the other links below for more articles about all things design!

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