Using the Renaissance as Interior Design Inspiration

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Taking Interior Design Inspiration from the Renaissance

Decorating your home can be expensive, which is why jumping straight on board with a new, modern trend can be a little risky. After all, you may love that style now, but will you still love it in six months when the trend has passed? Deciding you no longer like it and replacing it with an even newer trend takes a lot of effort and is extremely expensive. Therefore, it might be better to choose more traditional, classic designs for your home interiors. One example of a style with class and character is the Renaissance.

The Renaissance was a period in European history that ran between the 14th and 17th centuries, it was known for its luxurious art and decor. Many modern designers now take inspiration from this period because there is something particularly decadent about it. If done right, it can make for a chic and classy home. Are you ready to bring the Renaissance through your front door? Here’s how.

Taking Interior Design Inspiration from the Renaissance

Taking Interior Design Inspiration from the Renaissance

Ornate Floors and Ceilings 

When it first came around, the Renaissance was a revolutionary period in which the medieval fashions that had been around for years were pushed aside to make way for new, fresh designs. One way people did this was by putting decoration everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t normally expect. Tiled, patterned floors are a classic example of Renaissance architecture. Painted and ornate ceilings are too. If you have a floor that needs replacing, or you’re willing to spend a couple of days on a stepladder, these are both great ways to bring the spirit of the Renaissance into your home.


The Renaissance period is regarded as one of the most influential times in European history. This is largely thanks to the plethora of art and culture that it spawned. Search on a website such as Sulis Fine Art and find a beautiful statement piece to hang in your hallway or living room. Realistic oil paintings were a trademark of this period, so look out for this style from various artists.

Satin and Silk 

Bring the glamour of 16th century Florence to your interiors with plenty of luscious fabrics. At this time in history, there were a lot of new materials being made and shipped across to Europe from the East. Silk was one of them. It can easily give your home a luxurious look, so consider incorporating it into some of your soft furnishings. Satin cushion covers are relatively inexpensive. You could even go all out with a satin bed cover too. Velvet was another material commonly used during the Renaissance. Consider introducing some velvet chairs into your home. Add an ornate four-poster bed and you’re all set for a dreamy Renaissance home.

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