If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or create a new space from scratch, you’ll want to know about the design elements and aesthetic features that make your space look and feel modernized. The best contemporary kitchen designs feature a mixture of pleasing visuals and functional features so that the space looks and feels timeless. However, if you’re just getting started with your new kitchen project, researching design trends might seem like a daunting task. Kitchen design companies can help you select new designs that you should incorporate into your plans while assisting you in identifying the short-term trends you should avoid. 

Popular Kitchen Designs | Modern Home Trends 2022

Popular Kitchen Designs

Planning Your Kitchen Design Project

Before you begin designing and formally organizing your kitchen renovation or redesign project, it’s usually a good idea to first review your existing space. What’s your favorite feature of your current kitchen? What are the most obvious opportunities for making improvements? What building materials are falling apart, and which ones seem to be standing the test of time? 

For many homeowners, one of the top complaints about their existing kitchen is that there isn’t enough space. Another common problem is the lack of connection between the kitchen and your other primary living and dining spaces. A professional kitchen designer can help you identify what should change in your kitchen to make the room feel modern. Which will be able to compete against popular kitchen designs. Sometimes, it’s the more minor details that create the most change.   

Modern vs. Contemporary Kitchen Design

Modern design and contemporary design styles are often referred to as though they are interchangeable or the same. However, the two designs have significant differences that help to differentiate how they look and feel. This article will focus on modern design, which features minimalist, open interiors and puts the spotlight on high-quality building materials. Modern kitchen design features a cooler, relaxing color palette without ornate decoration, detailing, or finishes. 

Contemporary kitchen design, by comparison, often features a balance between traditional and modern styles, with design elements, furnishings, and features that prioritize comfort and livability. Contemporary, as a term, simply refers to what’s most popular right now rather than to a specific design style. The modern kitchen design has its origins in the mid-century modern design movement of the 1950s. Today, it has integrated with Scandinavian and minimalist design to create more of an updated aesthetic appeal. It have become the most popular kitchen designs used today.

Popular Kitchen Designs Trending now

Just because modern kitchen designs aren’t the contemporary standard doesn’t mean that it’s without trends and changes. Modern kitchens tend to emphasize functionality for the homeowner so that all kitchen features, from countertops to hardware finishes, offer a practical benefit. Here are a few of the most popular trends you’ll want to be aware of if you’re planning to build a new modern kitchen.

Quartzite and Marble

Quartzite countertops are a fantastic luxury choice for the popular kitchen designs nowadays. The surface of this natural material is durable and reliable for years to come. In addition, you rarely, if ever, need to seal the surface as you would have to with marble or granite. Quartzite offers a significant range in terms of color, which can help establish the type of modern aesthetic you’re after for your space.  

In addition to quartzite countertops, marble still remains a popular, trendy choice. Marble countertops are of similar quality in terms of strength and durability, but the visual or aesthetic appeal can sometimes cause a higher price than other building materials. The marble countertop’s unique veining and textured finish ensure that no two surfaces are alike. Marble requires regular maintenance, though this is usually a management concern for most homeowners. 

Artistic Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures for modern kitchens are the odd chance to introduce a little creativity into the space. The overhead lighting elements can help establish the simplicity of your design or accent it by contrast. In many ways, the lighting above your kitchen island is a chance to introduce a bit of modern art to this space. For the other remaining lighting elements in the modern kitchen, it’s best to stick with simple, reliable task lighting that’s built right into the ceiling. 

Darker Colors

White, grey, black, and blue are all established components of the modern interior and kitchen design color palette. Together, they help establish a space that looks and feels relaxing yet efficient. However, some of the more recent trends in modern kitchen design prioritize the darker end of this color palette so that black and grey take center stage for elements such as the cabinetry, appliances, and countertops.  

Plenty of Natural Light

Natural light is a key design element that ensures the darker, trendier colors in popular kitchen designs still allow for an energizing workspace. Skylights, frameless windows, and innovative connections with the outdoors are all essential to allowing the space to breathe. Natural light also helps to ensure that the area feels clean and collected, highlighting the high-quality design fixtures.  

Pantry Storage Solutions

Modern kitchens often address the homeowner’s storage needs and concerns with storage space that’s either out of the way or hidden from the outside. Sleek, smooth lines for cabinets both above and below countertop level create a seamless, often minimalist, appearance. Pantry spaces that are removed from the central kitchen workspace allow the homeowner to keep the space clutter-free. Everything from spices to appliances like the coffee maker and blender has a dedicated home that isn’t on the countertop. 

Custom Kitchen Design Projects

The best timeless, high-functioning kitchens utilize the professional support and expertise of an experienced kitchen design firm. Custom kitchen designers can assemble a custom space that uses the best materials on the market and matches directly with you and your family’s lifestyle. Whether modern, traditional, or transitional popular kitchen designs sound like the right match for your space, it’s always best to speak with a design professional before beginning your project. Popular kitchen designs are raving everywhere so use these trends in your upcoming project.


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