It’s that time of year for winterizing a hot tub if you own one. As winter approaches and the nights begin to get colder, staying warm is the most satisfying and cozy feeling. During winters, there is a cover of snow outdoors, and the cold breeze sends shivers down the spine for anyone outside.

However, everyone wants to stay warm and comfortable in their homes. So, indoor hot tubs are one of the most desirable things to experience during the winters. However, you must avoid outdoor hot tubs for obvious reasons.

Nobody wants to rush out of the tub looking for solace in the harsh weather. Not only can it adversely impact one’s health but it also nullifies the comfort of a hot water bath. This is why people usually prefer to winterize their hot tubs and prepare them for their yearly hibernation. After all, it makes a comeback when the weather is warm again.

If you have an outside hot tub, we invite you to continue reading for a step-by-step guide for winterizing a hot tub.

6 Steps to Winterizing a Hot Tub

6 Steps to Winterizing a Hot Tub

Benefits of Winterizing a Hot Tub

As the temperature drops, it may damage the plumbing lines as water freezes within the pipes. It can inflict permanent damage to the tub and make it a liability in near future. Therefore, winterizing a hot tub is also essential to safeguard the money spent on the equipment and prolong the life of the hot tub.

This one-time investment in an outdoor hot tub has positive results in the long run. Plus, it’s more workable to winterize a hot tub than to keep it running during the winters. That’s not only costly but also requires constant effort and attention. It is also a healthy practice to clean out the pipes and kill any bacteria or germs in them. Winterizing increases the efficiency of hot tubs and prepares them for the coming summers.

How to Winterize a Hot Tub?

Even if people are up for the task, they do not know how to winterize a hot tub. Seeking professional expertise can be a financial complication so, it is crucial for them to learn how to winterize their hot tub. It is not a tough job yet there are certain complications. The detailed process requires a few specialized tools and some other usual equipment.

Sump pump, garden hose, filter cleaner, spa filter soak, hot tub cover, non-abrasive sponges, and soft clothes are enough to get through the entire process. These supplies make the process easier and more efficient. Even without professional help, one can winterize their hot tub by going through the steps.

① Unplug the Power Switches

Initially, you must for the chlorine and other chemicals to settle before releasing the water into the lawn. You must do this in consideration of the plants and greenery nearby.

Secondly, you must repeatedly check that the power is off to the hot tub. All switches shall be turned off and unplugged, as a little negligence can be extremely risky.

② Drain the Water from the Tub

Up next is the draining of the tub, by removing the drain cap. Water easily drains through a garden hose or a sump pump. Later, allow the spa to dry for some time.

If the hot tub has a blower, it shall also be drained by turning it on for about 30-45 seconds and letting it dry.

③ Loosen the Unions and Clean the Filters

For the next step, loosen the unions on the heater and the pumps along with the drain cap. This allows the drainage of water through the pipes. Then, remove the filters and clean them with a regular cleaner or a filter cleaner.

④ Drain the Plumbing Lines

As you have to completely drain out the pipelines and plumbing lines, you now blow the pipes through a Shop-Vac and a hose. Repeat the process twice for around 15 seconds and make sure there is not any water left behind.

⑤ Check and Remove Remaining Water

Next, use sponges to clean the shells of the hot tub by using a hot tub cleaner or a soap. Do clean the headrests as well, as they may have any water left.

⑥ Close the Hot Tub Cover

Now, clean the cover of the hot tub and use a shield around it to protect it from the weather. Lock the hot tub cover or wrap it with wind straps to ensure it stays intact.

That is the entire process of winterizing, and if you still are not sure about the process, then you may seek professional help. Otherwise, this is the complete guideline for winterizing your hot tub.

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