When it’s time to move, looking for the perfect home and the perfect neighborhood go hand-in-hand. The idea of a “perfect” neighborhood is going to be different for everyone, but there are definitely common characteristics that everyone should keep in mind. You’ll want to consider the amount of noise and crime, the walk-ability of a neighborhood, and nearby amenities. In light of all this, private adult living communities may be just what you’re looking for, and there are reasons why. If you plan on moving soon, continue reading to learn why neighborhoods matter when you choose a new home.

What to Look for in a Neighborhood when You Choose a New Home

Why Neighborhoods Matter when You Choose a New Home

1. Noise and Density 

Imagine your dream home — and now imagine the type of neighborhood it’s located in. Are the houses close together? Far apart? Are people living in densely packed rowhouses, or in spacious bungalows? If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood where you’re not hemmed in on all sides, you’ll want to consider an exclusive adult living community such as those provided by Blythwood Homes. These communities made up of bungalows or townhomes are all occupied by the homeowners, which means the houses and yards will be meticulously maintained, and noise pollution will be at a minimum.  

Another source of noise pollution to consider is traffic. Adult communities are usually built away from urban centers; not only does this mitigate a major source of noise pollution, but it makes getting in and out of your home a breeze. Traffic within an adult community tends to below as well, making walking around on foot much safer.  

2. Making Memories 

Adult Lifestyle communities are busy places but in good ways. Informal outings for breakfast or lunch are great opportunities to gather with neighbors. More formal outings such a as golf or tennis are also common. 

Neighbors exchange pies, recipes and gather for wine tasting and nature walks. The big bonus of these communities is the closeness of neighbors with like interests and the time available to share with you. 

These close-knit communities have shown their community spirit during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Blythwood communities neighbors have helped fellow neighbors by buying food and other supplies for snowbirds required to stay indoors after return from down south. 

3. Walkability and Amenities 

The walkability of a neighborhood — or the ability to finish a day’s activities on foot — is also something to consider. Not only is walking healthier for you and the environment, but being able to do away with the car (or at least being able to use it far less) is a huge bonus; you’ll pay less in car insurance, gas, and upkeep of your car. Adult Lifestyle communities are usually far enough away from urban centers to be quiet, while close enough to amenities like grocery stores, green spaces, and entertainment that you can access quickly and easily.  

Adult Lifestyle communities are great places to consider if you want to choose a new home and are looking for a calm place to live but don’t want to live in the middle of nowhere. They offer more of what you want, and most importantly, less of what you don’t. 

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