It’s surprising how much you can get for the money you invest in a luxury apartment. This is despite the fact that the real estate market space in America is hot and rising.

If this piques your interest, we invite you to continue reading to find luxury apartments at an affordable price in the top U.S. cities.

Luxury Apartments at an Affordable Price in the Top U.S. Cities

A Brief Run Down of the Top Cities

Top Cities to Find Luxury Apartments at an Affordable Price - Manhatten skyline in the evening.
Manhatten New York City, New York

While the best apartments in Manhattan can bring you down by $4400 as monthly rent (on an average), the costs of luxury apartments in small metros can leave you wanting for more.

For example, the high-end apartments in El Paso, TX Is yours at an average rent of $976. As per real estate agents in the city, the price ranges between $852 (for 1-bed) to $1,194 (for 3-beds).

The luxury apartments in Oklahoma City, OK have an average rental of $1,024; they are usually available in the price range of $872 (for a studio) to $1,295 (for 3-beds).

You may also want to discover the ongoing rates of high-end apartments in Las Vegas, Louisville, Memphis, Phoenix, Jacksonville, and San Antonio before taking a well-informed decision.

Invest in Luxury Apartments in Chicago

Top Cities to Find Luxury Apartments at an Affordable Price - Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Luxury living in Chicago is expected to notch greater heights in 2021. Renters are looking for benchmarked, top of the line modern amenities outside and inside of the buildings.

While exploring the luxury apartments for sale or rent in Chicago, you may want to check out its three-bedroom penthouses, studios, and 2-3 bedroom apartments with spectacular views of the skyline and Chicago River.

As per real estate guides, the luxury apartments in Chicago have laundry facilities, a dishwasher, air conditioning, fitness centers, and all other modern amenities in place. You may also expect an outdoor pool, business center, and a clubhouse, along with the best communities.

Most luxury flats for rent come packaged with soft-close cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, floor to ceiling windows, and high-level finishes. After a long day at work, you may enjoy other amenities like a game room, multiple lounge areas, an indoor or outdoor pool, a riverfront terrace, and a full-floor fitness club.

The luxury apartments in Chicago pack in a lot for their price and provide smart returns for money in the long and short-run.

Top Most Loved Cities with Affordable Luxury Apartments

Again, the Big Apple is always on the top of Google searches because of its lively and energetic character. While looking for a luxury apartment in New York, search for new apartment construction to get the best deals at affordable pricing.

Top Cities to Find Luxury Apartments at an Affordable Price - Los Angeles skyline in the morning.
Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles comes a close second for urbanites who want laid-back coastal vibes and an up-tempo life in its numerous neighborhoods. Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas are also on the hotlist along with Houston.

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