You don’t have to be an interior design expert to know that the functional and decorative parts of a room should coordinate with one another. These aspects don’t necessarily have to be matchy-matchy but you do want them to complement each other. Additionally, matching your ceiling fans with your home decor is a part of the balance of your design.

If you want to learn more, read on for some great tips about matching your ceiling fans with your home decor.

5 Ways to Match Your New Ceiling Fan with Your Home Decor

5 Ways to Match Your New Ceiling Fan with Your Home Decor

1. Look for Quality & Price Balance

Of course, if you insist on a premium, high-quality ceiling it’s going to be expensive. Alternatively, for the lowest cost fan, you may expect a low-quality product. Our advice? Scope out ceiling fans in the mid-range. The truth is, there are a lot of stylish, designer options available within the mid-price range. This is an easy way to get a beautiful fan at an affordable cost.

2. Stick to Your Color Scheme

Does your decor feature a dark-wash wood or bronze-hue metal? Then, look for a ceiling fan in a similar color. Do this even if the fan features only small increments of that particular color or finish because it enables you to pull the whole room together in perfect balance.

3. The Right Size Matters

Unlike air coolers, pedestal or table fans, ceiling fans are not moveable. This is one of the reasons why the size of your ceiling fan really does matter. For instance, if you want your room to look smaller and the focal point to be the fan or ceiling, go for a larger, more decorative ceiling fan.

On the other hand, if you want a spacious feeling in your room, go for a smaller, more minimal ceiling fan. Remember, balance is everything when matching decor and furniture in a room.

4. Design Style Balance

Do you want to add a modern touch to your otherwise traditional decor? Well, in that case, your ceiling fan is the best way to jazz up any room. While you want all the decor elements and furniture in your room to follow a similar design style, also add a few other textures to break the monotony. This will serve to make your space look more interesting.

5. Don’t Over Analyze the Details

The best way to ensure a ceiling fan matches the rest of the decor in your space is to look at the big picture. But be careful about looking at the fine details. Sometimes this only makes you feel less confident about your decision. However, there’s absolutely no harm in noticing that your new fan looks fantastic with the rest of the room.

Here’s to Your New Ceiling Fan!

Matching and complementing are two important things one needs to learn how to do when it comes to interior design. Matching your ceiling fans to the rest of your home is one of the things you must consider doing to have a beautiful, well-put-together home interior. Thanks to these tips, you’ll have the perfect ceiling fans for your interior in a jiffy.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. You will also find other links below to more interesting articles about all things design for your home and business.

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