Newlywed life is as blissful as can be. You both had a blast at your wedding, and the honeymoon was just as perfect. Now that you’re officially partners in life, what about the everyday?

If you’re newlywed, we invite you to keep reading for tips on how to handle your finances, health, intimacy and those bothersome habits that drive you both nuts.

Newlywed Couples • 4 Tips for Marriage Success

Newlywed couples

① Combined Finances and Use of Credit

Since newlywed couples officially become a team, it’s common to combine incomes and finances. Sharing checking and savings accounts creates trust, transparency, and communication. It also helps couples set financial goals together and makes it easier to pay for things, rather than inconveniently splitting expenses 50/50.

As far as using cash, debit or credit, typical financial advice recommends avoiding credit. However, credit cards come with many benefits, like earning points and building a credit score for a down payment on a home. For good money management, create a budget together, using apps like EveryDollar, to track expenses and help prevent overspending.

② Commit to a Healthy Household

Cohabiting influences each other’s behavior, including eating and exercising. With mutual support and motivation, couples maintain a healthy lifestyle. You also agree on the grocery list and hold one another accountable for being active.

Of course, living together might also foster an unhealthy household full of poor choices made as a couple. There might be contention as well if one partner resists a healthier, more active day-to-day, thus creating distance. If this is the case for you, communicate your needs and why’s. Explain that you want to live a long and quality life together.

Leading by example may motivate your partner to make small changes, which brings you closer together. Whether you’re both on board, trying to motivate your partner or trying to make changes together, cook a delicious healthy meal for date night (instead of eating out). Together you might also try out activities like dancing, training for a race, or sign up for a fitness class you both enjoy. These are all great activities for a newlywed couple to bond and stay healthy at the same time.

③ Keep the Newlywed Romance Alive

Over time, even the most romantic newlywed starbursts begin to fade. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love one another any less, it just means that the spark dims. But with effort and communication, you can keep re-igniting that spark. Here’s advice on how to nurture your intimacy:

  • Make it a habit to hug, kiss and touch one another, even if it’s just sitting side-by-side on the couch.
  • Show appreciation and express adoration.
  • Plan for a date night with an understanding that this is time reserved to be attentive and amorous.
  • Remember why you chose your partner to be “your person” for the rest of your life.
  • Talk and genuinely invest in the conversation; conversations can center around how work was that day, or for a deeper discussion, share any fears, dreams or goals.

④ Let Go of the Little Things

You’ve turned an apartment or house into a home, but then quirks reveal themselves. Your husband seems to never remember anything you tell him. Or, perhaps your wife’s phone is constantly at her side and the scrolling is nonstop. Then on top of that, your partner never stays awake during a movie. It’s just — annoying. But does it really make or break your relationship?

As your irritation increases, you ask yourself, “can I survive this for the long haul?” The answer is yes, you can. You decidedly chose this person, so you must remember those reasons. Maybe you can ask for compromise: “Can you please write down dates in your phone’s calendar?” Or, “Can we have no-phone policy between these hours during the evenings?” Also, focus on the big things that really matter, and learn to let the smaller things slide.

It’s true: The honeymoon phase fades and marriage gets real. You’ve heard it before: For a marriage to work, it takes work, hard work. Here are some words to live by… kindness, appreciation, communication, compromise, partnership, and support. Amazingly, as long as a newlywed couple commits to one another and remain best friends, the marriage will endure.

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