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Organization Tricks for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is most likely the most used room in the home. And often times, you can tell. Clutter seems to magically appear on the counter tops and in the drawers. I don’t care how big and fabulous your kitchen is, chances are you’ve had some organization issues of your own.

Here are some fun and thrifty tips to reducing clutter in your kitchen and putting to use an organization system that works!

Recipe Box

Do you have a yellowing pastic folder stuffed with collected recipes in no order at all? I did until I found foodie organiser heaven.

This is a sturdy, rigid box with wipe-clean surface from Phoenix Trading. It includes 15 dividers. Store all your scraps of paper, recipe cards and pages torn from magazines under one lid and make menu planning a joy! There are even matching recipe cards if you want to be super-organised.  It is beautifully decorated by artist Amanda Loverseed, it fits neatly into your recipe book shelf.

Transform Magazine Holders

I love the magazine holder-style organizers that you can get for 12×12 scrapbook paper. They are inexpensive, compact and sturdy.

Put Into Good Use

I turned an unused surface in my kitchen into functional space when I organized all my measuring cups and spoons. Now, instead of digging through a cluttered drawer to find them, I have a designated spot for each of them. Along with a handy conversion chart, everything I need for measuring in my kitchen is now extremely accessible.

What tricks have you incorporated into your kitchen to help you keep tidy and organized?

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