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Get Organized Using Storage Units for Every Room

This spring we are taking some time to focus on the art of organization.  Take a look at the following storage units for every room of your home that will help you get organized!  Use these helpful tips from our expert contributors to transform your home into a beautiful and functional space.

The Office

This Ikea unit was purchased for a home office that needed to be packed with storage for a home with small closets.
Work related reading materials are categorized in cubbies that are accented with items that make the homeowner smile while working.

The pull out units, also purchased at Ikea were fitted with 12″ x 12″ decorative paper that can be changed in a jiffy and hold camera equipment, handbags, craft supplies & gift wrapping supplies.

Joanne Rinaldi CPO®, Owner & Certified Professional Organizer, Neat Freaks Professional Organizing LLC

Organize the Home

With a place to store it all, even the busiest family can reclaim their space to get – and stay – organized. But, what can be done about to cut the clutter? Here are some quick solutions to get you started:

1.) Sort and discard. Devote a day to “the big sort” and work without distractions. Empty your closet seasonally and donate or dispose what you no longer need. Make four piles: store, sell, donate and toss.

2.) What’s even in my closet? Bringing a sense of order to the closet begins with deciding what options can be incorporated to best access what you need on an everyday basis – from hanging rods to shelves and drawers to baskets.

3.) Group. Arrange your closet collection by category, grouping jackets, shoes, backpacks, etc. together.

4.) Do the math. An 8’ closet with one hanging rod provides a mere 8’ of hanging space and 8’ of top shelf storage space. Adding additional hanging rods, a center tower for folded items and other accessories in that same 8’ closet can create 17’ of storage space, 9’ of hanging space (3’ long hang and 6’ double hang), 5 drawers and a shoe shelf. When you do the math, you really can increase both your physical storage space and your efficiency.

The Laundry Room

5.) Do it Yourself. Whether you’re looking to organize your laundry room, closet or home office, ClosetMaid has do-it-yourself laminate organizers that offer the look of a custom closet (at an affordable price) and are equipped to meet all your organizational needs. The system and various accessories are available at The Home Depot.

The Bedroom Closet

6.) Click your heels. The shoes you wear most frequently should be accessible by storing them on a shoe shelf like the ClosetMaid Horizontal Organizer or 15-Unit Organizer. Place them inside the closet or beside the front door for grab-and-go accessibility.

Kid’s Rooms and Play Rooms

7.) Single-purpose catchalls. Tame entry hall clutter by designating different colored bins for each member of the family. Fabric Drawers can hold those small items that can add up to one big mess. If your closets are maxed out, find extra storage outside of the closet with a 9-Cube Organizer.

8.) Turn to the pros for helpful online design tools and do-it-yourself products.

ClosetMaid, www.closetmaid.com

The Mud Room

Utilitarian spaces, like laundry rooms and mudrooms, seldom receive the attention they deserve, which is odd when you consider how often they are used. A properly planned utility room can be a complete housekeeping area that simplifies your household chores. These rooms may even serve multiple purposes. A mudroom may double as a grooming center for
the family pets and a storage room for sports gear. An overhead rack in a laundry room can be used for drying flowers as well as clothes, and the sink can be turned into a potting center.

A mudroom is the ideal storage space for shoes, lunch bags, sports equipment, and pet essentials such as food dishes, leashes, blankets, and toys. You don’t even need an entire room to reap a mudroom’s benefits. A narrow hall, a partial wall, even space carved out from between wall studs will do just fine.

Instead of letting a mudroom become cluttered, take advantage of its potential. Counters, tables, and benches can be storage pieces that collect and organize both day-to-day and seasonal items. A built-in cabinet that resembles a set of lockers will allow individual family members to have their own space. Other essentials for the room might include an umbrella stand, boot tray, baskets, and a chalk or message board. Many cost-effective storage solutions are tailored specifically for utility spaces. You’ll find a wealth of inexpensive storage ideas, such as wall-mounted racks for boots, shelving for hats, and hooks for sports gear, at home centers and container stores.

Kerrie Kelly, Interior Designer & Author, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

How have you incorporated storage units into your home to get organized?

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