Looking to freshen up your living space and add some new home decor pieces? Look no further than metal home decor for fabulous conversation-starters in your interior design.

Whether it’s industrial style metals with pipes and antique brass finishing or modern shiny chromes and silvers, metal decor adds a boost of personality to any space.

If this piques your interest, continue reading to discover the best metal home decor ideas for inspiration and transformation of your space.

Metal Home Decor Design Inspirations for Your Home

5 Ways to Mix it Up With Metal Home Decor
Designs by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

① Metal Accent Wall

Single pieces of metal wall decor can be tricky to fit in with your other home decor, but if you’re bold enough, why not go for an entire metal accent wall? You can do everything from scratch, mix metals and finishes, add art, clocks, lights, and unique finds.

A metal accent wall doesn’t have to be cluttered in order to stand out. You can also paint it a different color and just hang a few signature metal pieces.

② Gold and Silver Luxury

Mixing gold and silver wall decor is a brave decision and can only look good if you do it right. Both gold and silver are symbols of luxury and timeless style, but when they’re not paired properly, they can look and feel messy.

If you’re not sure how to go about this, you can learn about mixing metals through tutorials and videos or hire a professional interior designer to help you.

③ Metal Art Pieces

If you’re going for the unconventional, metal art is both intriguing and full of character at the same time. Whether it’s industrial-style pipes and clock mechanisms or metal sculptures, they make for truly unique pieces.

You can also make your own metal decorations and customize them to your own taste, space, and preference. Hire tube laser cutting services to help you with cutting the metal rods into the right dimensions so you can create some spectacular pieces.

④ Metal Furniture

The easiest way to add metals to your rustic metal decor is through furniture pieces. Think antique picture frames, lighting fixtures, bed frames, chairs, dining tables, and even antique wooden doors with metal hinges and doorknobs.

If you want a more modern approach, go for chrome, copper or silver nightstands, full-size gilded mirrors, and golden bathroom sinks and faucets. You can also add custom shelving units, copper-hammered countertops, or a metal fireplace.

⑤ Lighting Fixtures

If metals don’t fit into your furniture or home decor, you can’t go wrong with metal lighting fixtures. They give off an elegant, classic vibe that won’t draw much attention, but give the room a breath of fresh air.

You can go for rustic farmhouse style chandeliers, antique or vintage wall lights, cast iron floor lamps, or modern chrome table lamps. The reflective surfaces of the metals will give the room more dimension and create an illusion of a bigger space.

Find Inspiration in Metal Home Decor

Whether it’s wall art, lighting fixtures, or accessories, metal home decor is where modern meets classic. Go for mixed metals if you’re feeling bold or choose a single style throughout the house.

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Designs by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

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