Your entryway is the first and last room your guests see, so creating a welcoming and memorable space is key.  An entryway is more than a simple doorway; it’s the space where the transition is made from the public world to the private world of your home and family.

Define the space with bold decor like dramatic stairwells, extravagant chandeliers, and open, natural lighting all exudes a warm welcome.

Extravagant Chandeliers

A simple, but easy way to fancy up your foyer is by adding a chandelier.  Be it crystal and beaming with light or wrought iron setting a mood of old richness, they are a great piece to center your design around.

This wrought iron chandelier mimics the artwork on the bright ceiling making this foyer feel extravagant, lavish, and rich.  The height of the ceiling allows this chandelier to be the centerpiece.


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An entryway gives people their first impression when they enter your home and if the mood you want to set one is lavish and over the top, and gorgeous chandelier with a vaulted ceiling like the one featured below is a great way to make that statement.


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Natural Lighting

The entryway here in this home is brighter and more welcoming, thanks to the bright windows allowing natural light to burst through. A simplified color scheme — white accented by the beams of light make this entryway lavish.


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Dramatic Stairwells

Your entryway should reflect your home’s style and create a single point from which all the other rooms flow, and using a dramatic stairwell in that foyer can certainly define a sense of lavishness and boldness.

Using a dramatic staircase can not only create a certain mood, but it can open up a small space making the room feel so much larger and brighter than it actually is.


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This dramatic wooden stairwell makes this entryway feel lavish and regal by the beautiful woodwork and stone steps, but also letting those gorgeous touches be highlighted by a beautiful natural light.


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