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11 Magnifying Uses of Small Spaces

In a McMansion world, there is something delightfully adorable and refreshing about well-designed small abodes and converted spaces.

Like puppies and babies and petite desserts, tiny things are fundamentally cute. Who knows why? It’s an unsolved mystery, but almost universally true.

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Of course, you might be living in a small space and not feel so charmed. For inspiration, check out these tiny habitats.

  • 1. Living Cube

    Image: Rob Lewis
  • Living-cube-door

    When he moved into an apartment without storage room, Till Könneker designed the Living Cube. It features a bed on top, and lots of storage space underneath. There’s even a door that opens up into…more storage space.

    Image: Rob Lewis
  • 2. Arado weeHouse

  • Arado-weehouse

    True to its name, weeHouses are tiny. The original weeHouse clocks in at 336 square feet. Yet, it still contains multiple beds, a furnace and a deck with a hammock.

  • 3. Jen Chu’s Half-Bedroom

    Designer Jen Chu’s 78-square-foot bedroom is basically just the bed, but she even managed to pull off a canopy bed and install a shelf that doubles as an impromptu desk.

    Video: YouTube, SpacesTV
  • 4. Mendy’s Tiny House

  • Mendys-tiny-house-interior
  • Mendys-tiny-house-door

    Custom home-builder Tennessee Tiny Homes designed this little house, complete with a bathroom, a mini kitchen and a pull-out bed.

  • 5. PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel Cabanas


    If you’re going to have cabanas, why not make them this cool?

  • 6. Graham Hill’s Apartment

    Treehugger.com founder Graham Hill’s New York City apartment is the ultimate in multitasking.

    Video: YouTube, DailyNews884
  • 7. Nomadic Resorts’ Looper


    Made for mobility, the 485-square-foot pods were designed for people who want to live in different places seasonally — and take their houses with them.

  • 8. The Little House


    The Little House was built 2.2 meters long in 1912 by Arthur Weeden. Developers in the area planned on making the Toronto lot into a lane, but Weeden built a house instead when those plans never materialized.

  • 9. 1964 Globetrotter Guesthouse Airstream

  • 1964-globetrotter-airstream-hofarc

    Hofmann Architecture has converted more than its fair share of Airstreams, but this 1964 Globetrotter Guesthouse is particularly impressive, doubling as a bathroom, kitchen and workspace.

  • 10. Watershed

    Image: J. Gary Tarleton
  • Wren-cabin-interior
    Image: J. Gary Tarleton
  • Wren-cabin-side

    Designed by Erin Moore, this off-the-grid writer’s retreat in Oregon is a mere 70 square feet. It’s not only beautifully crafted, it’s also environmentally conscientious. For instance, rain water trickles into a basin as an impromptu bird bath.

    Image: J. Gary Tarleton
  • 11. Dream Space Station


    SIBLING created this geodesic-framed pavilion for child’s play, but its trampoline and spacey design are the kinds of stuff adults love too. (Obviously.)


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