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Mariel Hemingway, Natural Products and Fueling Your Own Happiness


At the KBIS show (the industry’s annual kitchen and bath show), Patricia sat down with some interesting people to talk about new products, eco-friendly innovation and what makes creative people “tick”.

Her interview with Mariel Hemingway included a little bit of all of that!

Take a few minutes and listen in on this interview – it’s like being a fly on the wall with two successful, creative women talk about pursuing passions, making decisions to better yourself and your family and discovering that happiness comes from within (all from a kitchen and bath show!).

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1SLCOfLxgk’]

Why Mariel Hemingway?


Mariel recently renovated her kitchen, and along the way found Cambria, a provider of natural countertops (read about Mariel’s remodel and her passion for eco-friendly products at the CambriaStyle blog).

She fell in love with their products and signed on to bring her star power to the kitchen and bath show with Cambria.

Plus – like Patricia, Mariel is a yogi, loves to surround herself with beautiful design and has discovered the benefits of using natural products. So, the two had a lot in common to chat about!


The Cambria Design Palette of colors and textures is an inspiring collection. They are able to offer a style that fits just about every taste from neutral to classic to bold (really, really bold!).

Here are a few swatches:

Neutral Countertop

A countertop in this neutral shade could compliment a variety of styles. Plus, the little flecks help to hide dust, crumbs or whatever else you and your family throw at it in the kitchen or bathroom!

Classic Countertop

The classic marble look for a countertop can give a room a warm feel and give you lots of options for accent colors and mixing and matching wood tones and other stones and tiles by grabbing colors out of the countertop.

Bold Countertop

This bold red countertop is not a silent participant in the room! It stands out, making a loud statement! But, if you’re looking to make a bold statement, the countertop is a great place to do that – especially with modern and minimalist designs. One large, boldly-colored piece (like a red countertop) adds interest to a room without adding clutter.

We hope Patricia’s interview with Mariel and these countertop ideas have inspired you! Go do something beautiful in your home!


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