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Create A Visibly Engaging Room for Your Pre-Schooler

As our expert contributor, Amanda West, contemplated the design of her toddler’s new room it became obvious to her that she wanted much more than any ordinary store-bought theme was able to provide.  We can see here how inspiration breeds further inspiration, as Amanda’s vision developed from her desire to give her pre-schooler an inspiring and engaging room of his own.

Learn how her design inspiration turned into a fun, creative and successful business idea and find a few edgy design tips for your toddler’s room.

Create A Visibly Engaging Room for Your Pre-Schooler

I was moving my 2 year old out of his nursery and into his “big boy” room and I could not find any artwork for his room that was both stylish and relevent to his very inquisitive mind. So I decided to create some artwork for him on my own.  We made it interactive with games and songs that could be done with canvases and I turned the whole idea into a business!  My debut line is called Discovering Shapes.  Its counterparts for older preschoolers, Discovering Numbers and Discovering the Alphabet, are coming out in January 2012.

This is a photo of the Discovering Shapes Vibrant Edition in my son’s room. It comes in a more feminine color scheme as well.

 Amanda West, Owner, Colorful Concepts

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