It’s easy to think that we need to spend a lot of money to make our homes look nice and comfortable, especially when we see celebrities flexing their interior design all over social media. The good news is, though, that it’s actually pretty easy to decorate your home to look like you spent much more. Here are some tips about how to decorate to make your home look luxurious while doing it at rock bottom prices.

5 Easy Steps for Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Display Your Wine Elegantly

How to decorate with wine racks
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If you’re reading an article about interior decorating, chances are you’re not in college anymore. So, we’re not storing empty liquor bottles on top of the fridge as decor anymore, either. We’re treating our alcohol with the respect it deserves, starting with properly storing our wine.

In fact, it’s time to consider a wine cooler for all your favorite labels. Having a separate cooler just for wine gives a vibe of culture and sophistication. Moreover, there are plenty of wine coolers online. See their full list here.

Clear & Clean Away the Clutter

Swedish minimalism as an aesthetic has taken the interior decorating world by storm. This is the most literal definition of “less is more”. Removing clutter from your home actually makes your living space look chic with an air of luxury.

Rather than finding a nook and cranny for every little gadget, try purging your stuff and see how much more open your home feels. Implement those Marie Kondo vibes and get rid of everything that doesn’t bring you joy. The best part is you might make a little extra cash by selling your old stuff.

Get a Big Area Rug

How to Decorate with a Big Area Rug

Small rugs make your living space look smaller than it is. And no rug at all just looks bare. A large rug will open up your room making it look and feel luxurious. A bigger room automatically feels lusher and more inviting.

A big rug doesn’t have to be expensive either. To find yours, check out sales at online furniture stores. Many furniture companies will also sell their floor model rugs at a fraction of their retail price.

Be Intentional with Furniture

Having good furniture doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, it just has to have a purpose. Mix and match textures, like a glass table with metal legs, and a wood side table. Don’t try to make everything look like it matches perfectly, but rather, that you’ve collected pieces over time that work nicely together.

Find an aesthetic on Instagram that you love, then visit local thrift and consignment stores with an idea in mind. That way, you’re not just randomly buying things you like at the moment, but you’re building towards a vision. This is an excellent tip for any interior designer.

Cushions & Throws Finish Your Look

Cushions & Throws Finish Your Look

A bare couch or chair with nothing on it looks drab. Strategically draping a nice blanket over the couch or chair instantly makes it look posh. Add some pillows to the ensemble for the finishing touch.

A fuzzy colorful pillow on a gray couch, a white blanket on a black chair, or, a thick cotton throw on a velvet couch. Clashing textures looks intentional and classy. Best of all, blankets and pillows are inexpensive.

We hope you’ve learned a few good lessons about how to decorate, and we wish you the very best in affordable and beautiful home decor and design.

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