We’ve been reminded even when we were kids that getting enough sleep is important for good health. Lack of sleep may cause various health problems, ranging from stress to joint issues. Self-sleep training has several advantages, including improved cognition, weight loss, and immune system strength. Getting your total eight hours of sleep also has plenty of benefits. If you haven’t realized yet, one of the things that you can do to achieve a restful sleep is keeping your mattress clean and comfortable as if it’s brand new.

Unless you have a lot of money to spend on buying new mattresses periodically, then you must not worry about cleaning your mattress often because you’re going to replace it anyway. But one practical way to keep the quality of the bed is by rotating it. In fact, I noticed a significant benefit of doing that the last time I rotated my mattress. However, in addition to rotating your bed, here are some tips for keeping your mattress clean and bug-free.

For a Clean and Bug-free Mattress, Read These Tips!

Tips On Maintaining Your Mattress Clean And Bug-free

1. Clean your bed linens regularly.

Dust and debris gather in many places inside mattress covers, pillowcases, blankets, and duvets. You use the bed every day, and even with taking a good shower before bedtime, there are some microbes that you still carry to bed. Therefore, we recommend washing linens every two weeks, at the very least. Also, to keep garments free of dust mites, clean them as regularly as possible in hot water.

2. Use vacuums to clean your bed.

Vacuum cleaners, especially those designed for mattress cleaning, are an effective way to refresh mattresses. Vacuum cleaners with powerful filtration systems are strongly advised. To clean the mattress’s surface, use a soft, clean vacuum brush. Remember to cleanse your brush before using it to keep it clean. If you don’t, dirt and dust may end up sinking back on the bed.

3. Declutter your room and use encasement.

When there are too many cushions and clutters around, bed bugs have more places to hide, making it more challenging to discover and treat them. To make it more difficult for bed bugs to bite you while you sleep, choose a mattress cover that is specifically designed to cover the box spring as well. The encasement should be left on for at least a year. Before making a purchase, examine the product to determine if it has been tested for bed bugs and can survive at least a year without tearing.

4. Know the available cleaning options.

Make an effort to be as thorough as possible in your approach. Initially, try something new. Of course, pest control solutions help you get rid of bed bugs while limiting your exposure to chemicals. If insecticides become a requirement, thoroughly inspect the packaging or consult an expert before using them.

5. Ask for professional help.

Hiring an expert, professional pest control technician helps speed up the process of getting rid of bed bugs. If you employ an expert, make sure the company is reliable and has an established pest control procedure. For assistance in locating reliable pest treatment companies, contact your state’s pesticide department.

In conclusion.

It’s difficult to eliminate bed bugs while still keeping the mattress clean, but it is achievable! Mattresses shouldn’t be thrown out easily; that is wasting money, and it may spread bed bugs to other people’s homes, worsening the situation.

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