3 Reasons to Switch to a Green Mattress

When you’re redecorating your home, you need more than a fresh coat of paint and some new curtains on the walls. You need to dig even deeper than a new carpet or refinishing the hardwood. You should replace your mattresses with organic ones.  

What’s wrong with your conventional, non-organic mattress? Well, it could be full of toxins. The synthetic materials and the chemical fire retardants could be releasing dangerous chemicals into your home. An organic mattress is more expensive, but it’s healthier for your family and the environment. 

3 Reasons to Switch to Green Mattresses

3 Reasons to Switch to a Green Mattress

① Keep Chemicals Out of Your Home 

The best reason to buy a green mattress is to keep chemicals out of your home. Conventional mattresses are full of chemicals. Many conventionally produced mattresses contain polyurethane foam, which is known to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause respiratory and skin irritation.

The synthetic polyurethane and latex in conventional mattresses is a petroleum product. Of course, that’s why it releases toxic chemicals in a process known as off-gassing. VOCs can cause symptoms ranging from mild allergy or asthma-like symptoms to central nervous system symptoms, major organ damage, and cancer. Therefore, if you have a convention mattress, you breathe them in all night, every night. 

But, polyurethane foam and synthetic latex aren’t the only culprits. Rather, conventional mattresses are treated with flame retardants that have been found to be hazardous to health.

Conventionally grown cotton used in traditional mattresses is grown with intensive use of pesticides, herbicides, defoliants, and insecticides. Those chemicals end up in your bed, and then you sleep in them all night long. 

You can avoid many of these chemicals when you buy green mattresses. Organic mattresses use natural latex, cotton grown with fewer pesticides, and sustainably produced wool.

Natural fibers like wool are naturally flame retardant, so you can avoid some of those chemicals. Also, natural latex doesn’t off-gas anything or even have much of a smell – although, it might smell faintly of rubber because that’s what it is. 

② Start Fresh with Clean Mattresses 

Do you use a mattress protector? If not, your mattresses are likely full of dust mites and their fecal matter, bacteria, dead skin cells, general debris, and maybe even a little mold or mildew.

Mattresses are known for creating the optimum conditions for dust mites to thrive – they love to feed on the dead skin cells that fall off of our bodies in the night and sift through the sheets. Dust mites can aggravate allergies, though, because their fecal matter contains Der P1 and Der P5, human allergens.  

Once your mattresses are allowed to accumulate filth, you can’t really get them clean. Instead, you must replace them. Plus, if you’ve been using your mattress without a mattress pad for more than a few years, it’s probably time to replace it simply for hygiene reasons.

You redecorate your home in order to feel like you’re getting a fresh start. When you give each member of your household a green mattress, you can all start fresh with clean mattresses. Add an organic mattress pad to protect your new mattress and keep it clean. 

③ Make the Sustainable Choice 

Green mattresses are the right choice not only for your family’s health but for the environment. Organic cotton uses fewer pesticides, and since cotton production accounts for 16 percent of the world’s pesticide use, choosing organic cotton can really make a difference in terms of pesticide use overall.

Natural latex is obtained from living rubber trees, Hevea brasiliensis, so choosing a natural latex mattress encourages the careful husbandry of trees. Organic mattresses don’t use fossil fuels, unlike traditional mattresses made with petroleum products. So, if you want to make better choices for the future of the planet, a green mattress is an obvious choice. 

When you’re redecorating your home, take the time to replace your family’s chemical-laden traditional mattresses with clean, sustainable organic mattresses. You’ll all sleep easier as a result.  

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