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The design combination of black and white gives any room a classic and sophisticated appeal that is timeless.  We’ve collaborated some black and white bathroom inspirations to show contrasting decors with this design trend.  Bathrooms are different than other spaces in your house.  Modern design has inspired them to be more than an area to practice proper hygiene,  it is now a place of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Often the use of two colors of black and white inspire a minimalist point of view and this inspiration below conveys that concept. The black tub alone in the room is coupled by a lone faucet and a beautiful set of windows allowing natural light to flow in.

A black and white bathroom is inspired by the same concept as the one above, but with a different amount of space and shapes.  The bigger room and the rectangular shapes make this black and white bathroom feel modern and masculine.

This black and white bathroom hones in on the elegant and regal atmosphere the simplicity of a white bathroom can inspire.  There are a few color pockets to accent the room nicely, the gold trim in particular giving a sophisticated appeal.

This black and white bathroom really plays with color blocking with the opposite colors keeping unity throughout the bathroom, black on top, white on the bottom, and accented by white or black, making it sophisticated and yet playful.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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