There are many different types of fences but are you aware of how to build one yourself? Perhaps you need a fence for your garden. If so, you are in the right place. A beautiful fence not only gives you much-needed privacy but also highlights your garden or backyard.

If you live in an apartment, adding a fence to your terrace garden can game up the interior of your place. You can have your cozy yet quirky corner. It will always double up as your party or get-together spot and trust us, most of your photos will be shot here! 

So, let’s see how to add that quirky element to your garden.

DIY Fence for Your Garden • Step by Step

How to Get a Quirky Fence for Your Garden

Assess the Area

The first step to fencing is always assessing the area. Whether it’s in your front garden, backyard, or terrace garden decide the type of fence. If it’s in your front or backyard, it must have a considerable height (at least 5 feet). 

This prevents gazes from your neighbors as well as passersby. If you are using the fence for aesthetics, better match it with the overall look of your garden and home interiors. For instance, a rustic fence will not go well with a contemporary designed terrace garden. 

Purpose of the Fence

Everyone has a different purpose for fencing. For some, it is totally for privacy while for some, it is just for the beautification of the garden. If you want a durable option, a brick wall is the best.  

Not only does it last for several years, but also requires less maintenance. A less expensive option is using the metal sheets supported by metal or cement pillars. This requires regular maintenance otherwise the metal may rust. 

DIY Fence for Your Garden • Step by Step

If you want a fence for protecting your garden, keep the height at least three feet. This stops grazing animals from reaching the plants. Also, use the cedar wood fence for its natural insect-repellent properties. 

Fun with Colors

A fence is boring without colors. You can have a plain white fence or fill it with doodles. Then, let your fence be your imagination playground. Amazingly, this is a game-changer. Select the paint with the best reviews for the best results. You can get the best fence paint reviews online. 

Type of Fence

There are numerous types of fences available in the market. There are bamboo fences, wood fences and even living fences. If the old world charms you, then, go for the basic log fence.  

DIY Fence for Your Garden • Step by Step

Having a living fence requires you to have a robust fence in the first place. You can have the brick wall or the metal structure. Thereafter, install the vertical garden over it. Of course, this type of fence has multiple benefits because it increases the beauty of the garden and also the green cover of your house.  


Having a quirky fence may seem exhaustive. However, all you need to do is be imaginative and experiment with it. Your quirky fence is always just a few steps away! 

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below. Also below are several links to more posts about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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