It is impossible to say exactly what makes great homes so great. Some extravagant luxury homes seem to overwhelm the eye with tremendous architecture; some homes fit perfectly into their surroundings and have a more subtle grace; other houses may have a certain indefinable charm. It is usually a variety of many combined factors that give these homes their style and charm. You might not think of it as being a major characteristic of a great home, but the perfect fence can actually be the defining element in some designs.

More often, the perfect fence blends into the overall landscape and construction. A splendid gate can add to the majesty of a mansion, or a subtle wooden fence can create the rustic charm of a quaint country home. Whether you plan on building a fence that will help define the overall appeal of your home, or you simply need a practical barrier for privacy and security, decorative fences can have a big impact on your overall home design.

Decorative Fences with Purpose

Some decorative fences can be just decorative like a white picket fence that adds to the style of the home while other fences serve as protection to our home and sometimes safety and well-being of our family. For the many other functions of decorative fences, I believe they should be designed to add to the beauty of our homes.

Basic Privacy Fence

Decorative Fences with Purpose

Some fences need to create a private barrier, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like a fortress. The best way to create privacy and have a beautiful fence is a combination of a solid fence and landscaping. Wood is a great material to mesh with greenery and done with just the right balance can be beautiful.

Pool Fence

Decorative and Safe Pool Fence

Decorative fences for pool safety usually need to comply with state codes in your area for safety and well-being. You do not want to make a mistake with a pool fence as it could cost lives and you could be held responsible. I recommend working with a professional contractor when it comes to this type of fence. There are many options on the market available to meet your aesthetic needs for safety fencing around a pool.

Creative Design

Creative Design for Decorative Fences

Depending on where you live will depend on how creative you can get with designing decorative fences that show your artistic side. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association there might be guidelines you need to follow. If you are in a more secluded spot like out in the country then you might have the freedom to express your fence design in your own style.

Building Your Fence

When choosing a contractor, you will need to do your homework. Search for online reviews and relevant keywords to find the right people. For instance, New York residents may search for fence wholesaler NY or fencing contractor in Queens as starting points. Ask around and try to see real examples of decorative fences built by the experts before hiring. As with any other project, you are likely to get what you pay for.

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