To install your new door, you must match the architectural design of your house. The fact is, a beautiful door is important, particularly the exterior, because they’re seen by everyone. However, if you must install your new door, you might be wondering whether to DIY the project or hire a professional. There are several reasons for replacing your door. For instance, perhaps you want to improve the security of your home. Additionally, if you live in storm-prone area, you might need a strong fiberglass door.  

You may also need a new door because the one you have is no longer making your house look beautiful. However, to install the door yourself or contact professionals such as door installation service in Carrollton is a matter of evaluation. In this article, you’ll learn to consider whether to do it yourself or hire a professional.  

Tactics to Decide Whether to DIY Install Your New Door or go with Professional Installation

Do You Need A Professional Contractor To Install Your New Door

Should You DIY Install Your New Door? 

If you have basic carpentry skills, installing a new door may be an easy task. For instance, if you want to replace a door that’s exactly the size of the old one, you just need the right tools and time to work on the project. This is probably the one situation to hire a professional because storm doors, patio doors, or custom doors may need the services of a professional and power tools that you might not have. Therefore, before you conclude to DIY your door installation, you may need to answer the questions below

⎆ Do You Have the Required Tools? 

The tools that you need depend on the kind of door you’re installing. For a simple pre-hung door, you may just need a pry bar, screwdriver, level, hammer, and caulking gun. If you’re installing a different kind of door, the tools you need may not be found in your toolkit.  

⎆ Do You Have Enough Expertise? 

With basic carpentry skills, you can replace a pre-hung door with an existing frame. Of course, that depends on if the frame sustains damage. If that’s you, then with the help of another family member or even alone, you can accomplish the task. Remember that your door must be fixed tightly especially the exterior doors for security purposes. Of course, you don’t want to risk this if you can’t do it well.  

⎆ Do You Have the Means of Transport? 

You can also easily transport your door if you have a truck. Entry doors or patio doors that have sidelights are bigger in comparison to traditional storm or entry doors. So, you need to factor in the type of vehicle for transporting when choosing your door. Of course, if you don’t have the means of transport, you’ll have to incur extra transport costs.  

⎆ Can You Afford Time for The Project? 

Maybe this is the question to consider before deciding to DIY your door installation. If it’ll be your first time installing a door, it may take you longer than it would take a professional. Unfortunately, that takes up your time for other activities.  

Advantages of Hiring A Professional 

If you find yourself being limited in the above areas, then, hiring a professional might be what you have to do. Even if you’re able to work on your door, a professional guarantees you quality work. Below are the benefits: 

⎆ Accurate Installation 

If you’re not an expert, you might have challenges to properly fit your door. A professional uses precise measurements to align your door well. A properly fit and aligned door ensures fewer challenges while using it.  

Though you might have basic door installation skills, you might be lacking the knowledge of technology trends for door manufacture. When was the last time you studied an article that informs you about the latest trends, industry practices, and innovations? Well, a professional has this information on their fingertips. In fact, they know about material upgrades and the types of doors that make your home more energy efficient.  

For example, if you live in a place with extreme winter conditions, you need materials that withstand snow and wind. You also require the best insulation that keeps the chilly weather outdoors.  

⎆ Benefit from Warranties 

A professional company may give you a warrant of the parts they use to install your door and also after installation services. If you don’t like the door installation, by reporting to the company, they must correct the issue at no charge. Conveniently, most warranties are a one-year warranty.  

Additionally, you can get a warranty for the door itself. But you only benefit from the warranty only when you get professional door installation. Otherwise, you forsake the warranty. Therefore, you need to weigh out the possibility of the door having problems later. Of course, this might involve getting the work redone free of charge or having to pay someone to do it if you DIY the installation. Therefore, the warranty only covers work done by a professional.  

⎆ They Use the Right Tools 

Unless you’re a professional carpenter, you won’t have the tools for the installation of certain types of doors. But a professional has all the necessary tools to install your door. Using the tools, professionals ensure that the door installation is secure, and functions smoothly on the frames. Also, an expert handles doors in the right way which eliminates damage while transporting.  

⎆ Proper Insulation 

Insulation of your new door can’t be done by anyone. Your front and back door need an expert who follows the correct steps for insulating your door. This is necessary so for your protection from heat and cold. Good insulation additionally helps maintain the temperature of your home while protecting you from harsh weather. Moreover, good insulation helps save on energy bills, brings down the carbon footprint, and minimizes drafts.  

In conclusion  

Whenever you need to install a new door, it’s important to ensure the following before a DIY isntallation.

  1. You have the necessary skills.
  2. It’s easy to arrange the necessary time for installation.
  3. Your tools are sufficient for installation of a new door.
  4. You are able to perform later repairs yourself. 

If installing the door yourself poses a challenge to you, then an expert comes in handy. They come with multiple benefits such as warranties, good installation expertise, and a knowledge of industry trends. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links that will take you to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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