Now that the winter is gone, it’s time to spring forward with your home’s curb appeal! Spring is upon us and now’s the time to spruce up your home’s exterior and take it from drab to fab. To that end, we bring you some interesting ideas for dressing up your front porch and welcoming visitors. If this sounds exciting to you, continue reading to learn eight inspired curb appeal ideas to dress up your front porch.

Dress Up Your Front Porch with 8 Curb Appeal Ideas

8 Inspired Curb Appeal Ideas to Dress Up Your Front Porch

1. Create a blank canvas.

Curb appeal ideas are not just for when you want to sell a house. It can also help deter crime (no overgrown shrubs to hide behind) and increase your property value. To create curb appeal, you must start with a blank canvas. In this sense, that means a clutter-free front yard. If you glossed over your fall or winter cleanup, now is the time to make things right. 

Start by clearing your lawn of leaves, branches or twigs, and any other organic debris. Also, if your front porch experiences a cyclone effect, be sure to clear any leftover leaf debris from that area as well. Speaking of waste, how are your flower beds looking?

Clear your beds of any dead or dying flowers, making space for plantings. Trim your trees and shrubbery so that they look great from the curb. Don’t forget to look up, either. Overflowing gutters aren’t just an eyesore; they also cause damage to your home. Make sure to clear your gutters to avoid leaks or seeping down to your foundation, and extending the life of the system.

2. Dress things up with planters and pots.

There are many things you can do to make your entryway look warm and welcoming from the curb. Of course, seasonal flowers are always a good choice. Also consider a container garden using oversized planters or pots to make a statement at your home’s entrance. 

Depending upon your location, you’ll have a variety of colorful options to choose from for your lush container gardens. Also, consider potted shrubbery or flowering greens. For an added boost of form and function, plant herbs in containers. They’re easy to grow, are useful in the kitchen. Their fragrance will also greet your visitors at the front door. 

3. Curb appeal ideas include topiary.

Whether you buy topiary from the nursery or try your hand at a little DIY, topiaries are whimsical and festive additions. Frame your porch or line your walkway with a series of topiaries in different patterns, and sizes. If you’re feeling especially creative, try your hand at creating topiary on your own.

4. Plant to add color.

For many, spring landscaping is all about playing with color and contrasts. Brighten your entryway with a flowering vine – think of it as a statement piece with bright pops of color standing out from the lush green leaves. Fast-growing flowering vines are also perfect for creating privacy screens or camouflaging cable boxes and meters. 

5. Ornaments aren’t just for indoors.

Consider adding a bench to an otherwise empty front porch or entryway, and a small table for cups of coffee or decor. Add an ornate birdhouse off to the side, or perhaps a birdbath to invite feathered friends to visit. Don’t forget the colored pottery selections to add pops of culture and color.

6. Don’t forget about the walkway.

So many people are focused solely on their front door and porch area that they completely forget about the walkway leading to it. To make your home even more appealing, keep walkways clear of debris, such as mulch after a storm, and take the extra time to edge your path – you’ll be glad you did! 

Concrete pavers tend to trap dirt and look grimy over time. After an exceptionally wet season, brickwork and even stone paths can harbor moss. Power wash your walkways and add a protective sealant over stone or wood to keep porous areas free from dirt, discoloration, and growing unwanted lichen or moss. Keeping your walkways clean and sealed will also prolong their life.

7. Ensure a warm greeting.

When was the last time your front door saw a new coat of paint? Pretend you’re a stranger and look at your front porch from the street – what do you see? Does your home blend in with the rest, or does it project an inviting feel? Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, or consider going with a bold statement like painting your door black. Black is the perfect canvas to offset a beautiful, seasonal wreath. 

How about offering some literal warmth? With more people getting vaccinated, backyard gatherings are on the rise. According to HomeLight’s spring top agent insights survey, 76.8 percent of agents reported backyard fire pits with seating areas as the top entertainment upgrade among homeowners in their market.

8. Lighting is everything.

Lighting is the perfect way to enhance curb appeal and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Lining walkways with solar-powered torches or luminaries to create a welcoming feel. Decorate trees and shrubs with warm white lights, and consider adding lights framing your front porch or doorway. Tasteful lighting creates a welcoming feel to your home – no one wants to approach a dark house – and also makes it easy to navigate the walkways leading to your door. Hurricane lamps and lanterns are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to backyard entertaining.

In conclusion

Classy and creative curb appeal ideas in the warmer months is bring life and joy to your home for the feeling of the season. Take a chance with color or make this the year you go with different flowering plants. Taking the time to create a well-kept, vibrant scene can make the difference between a home that screams “stay away” versus a home that says, “come on in.” If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below. Look below for links to more fun articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home and business.

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