Let me ask you a couple of questions. First, do you need more space in your home? Do you also find that there’s never enough space, no matter how much bigger the house gets? Yes, having enough space in a house with multiple family members is a challenge. Yet, moving to a bigger house might be impossible right now. Instead, why not make the most of what you have?

If this sounds like your home, we invite you to continue reading to learn some tips and tricks for more space in your home.

Clear the Clutter

Tips and Tricks of Creating More Space in your Home -  Decluttering

When moving into a new home, it takes a very short time for people to get their surroundings. Although, within days, you might notice that there are a lot of unnecessary items around your home. It might be a piece of furniture taking up space in the hallway or simply a floor pillow.

So, go through your home and sell, donate, or send to recycling of all the things that are not necessary. It’s surprising how much extra room you gain with this simple exercise.

Play Around With the Lights

A room that is not sufficiently lit will always feel smaller. Conversely, light has the effect of making a room appear much larger than it really is. Try installing different types of lights around your house to maximize on the living space. If you have bigger windows, then make sure the drapes are completely out of the way during the day for maximum light.

Add an Extra Room

If you are the sole owner of your house, you have the freedom to make adjustments and customizations to your property to increase the room. You could tear down a wall to extend a room a little, or you can opt to go for a prefabricated container and use it to create a chilling spot outside the house where you can go for some quiet time. For the best results, try the reliable JJC container house, which comes prefabricated. All you need to do is choose a site and installation takes place on the property.

Use Bright Colors

Tips and Tricks of Creating More Space in your Bedroom

Having bright colors for wall paint or using wall papers in bright colors creates the illusion of space. When you combine this with light, the room feels a lot more spacious and taller since all the light that streams in bounces off the bright colors, illuminating every dim area for a new brightness. For a better effect, try using contrasting techniques by applying bright colors on the wall and a darker color on the floor or the ceiling or on one side of the wall.

Close Your Closets & Cabinets

When cabinets, wardrobes, and closets are left open, the contents inside create the illusion of smallness. This illusion transfers to the rest of the house. So, always keep all your closets and wardrobes shut, whether they are full or not.

The same applies to decor items like drapes, table mats, or carpets. If they don’t add any value to the living space, then remove them as they are only cluttering the space.

Add Mirrors

Tips and Tricks of Creating More Space in your Home

This might sound absurd to many, but the trick behind the use of mirrors is pretty straightforward. Mirrors reflect anything back, which means if you position them strategically, they reflect that back creating the illusion of an extra space. In fact, the bigger the mirror, the better the effect. Mirrors also reflect much of the light that streams into the room, making the space look brighter and more prominent.

Be Economical with House Accessories

It is easy to fall into the impulse buying trap that makes you grab anything you like off the streets because you feel it might look good in the house. This is how the house ends up with lots of clutter because you could not resist the urge to buy that huge Chinese flower pot. It is the things you consider to be too little to fill up space that end up taking up all the space. Stick to sparse furniture and their accessories.

Use Vertical Spaces Efficiently

Tips and Tricks of Creating More Space in your library

If your home has high ceilings, then you should make use of that to free up space for movements. Instead of stacking things on the ground, create compartments and shelves that go upwards. A personal library, for example, occupies less space if it is built going up. You can also make use of attics and basements to store anything that you do not want around the house.


Having enough space is not only vital for your comfort, but it is also good for your health. A stuffy house is a good breeding ground for respiratory problems due to the buildup of dust over time. Having enough space allows you to clean every crook and cranny properly. Evaluate everything in your living space and toss out anything that does not add any value to create the much-needed space.

If you have any other suggestions to offer, please do so in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Also look below for links to other fantastic articles about all things design.

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