Do you want to make your apartment appear more spacious? Has it been a while since you switched things up? You will be happy to know that there are a lot of ways to re-design your current space to make it appear more spacious. Follow these 7 steps to help you make your small apartment look bigger and more spacious than ever.

7 Tips to Make Your Apartment Appear More Spacious

Mirrors and Lights for Illumination

Spacious with Mirrors

Well-placed mirrors and lights in your apartment create a spectacular illusion. When you pair your mirrors with beautiful lighting, it creates a magnificent spacious feeling throughout your apartment. In addition, include natural lights in your design for an even more spacious effect.

One suggestion is to place a big mirror that covers the entire wall to make the area look bigger. Also, try the placement of sectioned mirrors at the end of hallways to give an illusion of greater spaciousness.

Create Contrasting Ceilings

Different color paint on the ceiling of any small room draws the eye upward and makes the room look taller. Or, take the plunge and try wallpaper on the ceiling for a delightful contrast, texture, and feeling of spaciousness.

Use Light Colors for the Walls

Light colors on the walls reflect your natural light to make the room airy and spacious. Therefore, it is best to use lighter shades of colors on your wall or ceiling rather than darker colors that absorb light that makes the room feel and look smaller.

Well-placed Wall Decor

Spacious feeling from wall decor

One way to create spaciousness is to use your walls creatively. Hang your artwork, photos, or other decor but, do so minimally and with careful placement. Do you remember the old phrase “less is more”? Too many decorations on the walls give a busy, crowded feeling in spaces that are better with less. Keep-it-simple is the key when you decorate your apartment walls to create spaciousness.

Keep Arrangements Simple

In a small space, it is always best to keep the number of pieces of furniture to a minimum. Decide which pieces you really need and recycle, reuse, or repurpose the rest. Use the best pieces of furniture that you have in interesting arrangements with the right accents. This gives you the best effect in a small space.

Move Furniture Away from Walls

Keep furniture away from walls

Furniture that is placed directly against the wall with everything else in between makes the room feel cramped. Instead, keep a distance between the wall and your furniture all the way around the room. Then, keep the items in between the furniture at a minimum and you will have a room that breaths and feels spacious yet retains its full function.

Use Multi-purpose Furniture

Most people do not know that there are so many different types of multi-purpose furniture available. It might be something as simple as a futon for a sofa by day and bed by night. Or, you might select a modern chair with built-in storage. How about a desk by day and a bed by night? To top that there is the sofa by day and bunk bed by night.

You might also consider a custom-built solution that serves multi-purposes with an accompanying wide open space for one of your rooms.

We hope these tips help you make your apartment more spacious and comfortable. If your current space is too small because of a growing family or you’re simply ready to move into a new or larger home, check out the newest apartment for Sale in Singapore or any country to get all the information you need to move into a new home in the location of your choice.

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