Sofas are the largest piece of furniture in the living room and most are built to last. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your sofa? What if it’s not worn enough to justify the extra expense? However, there are other signs to look for in a sofa to determine it’s usefulness.

Here are the hints that tell you to start browsing the furniture sites and checking out the sofa stores.

Replace Your Old Sofa When This Happens …

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It Doesn’t Fit Anymore

People move a lot nowadays and they usually take their existing couch with them when they change homes. Therefore, a sofa for a small rented flat looks huge in a large family home. When this happens to you, start shopping for something that fits your new space and design.

It’s Creaking

Quality sofas in good repair noise don’t make noise when you sit down unless it’s the satisfying sound of leather as you relax on Chesterfield sofas. If all you hear is creaking, popping or squeaking, your couch is telling you there’s a problem. If there is a structural problem it’s time for a replacement. Interestingly, the cost of repairing a sofa is almost as high as buying a new one, so weigh that out before you take it to repair.

The Cushions are Flat

If the cushions are permanently flat and you feel continuing discomfort, you need a new sofa. There is very little use for a sofa if it does not offer you any comfort or support when you are sitting on it. You may be able to bulk up the cushions with padded inserts but ultimately you have to replace them, or the entire sofa.

It Smells Old

What’s that strange smell? If you can’t seem to get your room to smell nice, even steam cleaning the couch, your sofa has built-up odors. This isn’t your fault because over time every sofa absorbs the smell of everyday life. If this is the case, ditch that smelly old sofa and buy a new one.

It Doesn’t Suit Your Décor

It’s easy to change your décor but then you suddenly realize that your sofa does not fit with your new look. What’s the best way to resolve this problem? Buy a new sofa! It’s wonderful to be able to redecorate at whim but when you do, make sure your old sofa doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

You Just Don’t Like It

And, of course, one of the simplest ways you know it’s time to replace your sofa is you just can’t stand the sight of it anymore. Perhaps you associate it with an ex-partner or a stressful time in your life. Or maybe you bought it when you couldn’t afford anything else and now you want to upgrade. Or maybe you are just bored with it. If you can’t stand your sofa, don’t suffer – simply go shopping!

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