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3 Possibilities of Eco-chic Furniture Design in 2019

Eco-chic Furniture Design 2019

Eco-chic furniture design continues to expand and grow in popularity among designers. As technology provides designers with increased possibilities of recycled materials, you will see more of this trend in 2019. Also, because scientists and designers are sure to discover new ways to build sustainable furniture, this is a trend that will be around for years to come.

Eco-chic Furniture Design 2019

Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Furniture

This set really pops when you combine yesterday’s fishing boat wood with a fresh coat of bright paint. With white trim paint and vibrant colors over reclaimed wood, this set looks ready for a day around the pool. When you combine classic shapes with aged wood that tells stories, you have a winning collection of EcoChic Lifestyles outdoor furniture.

Eco-chic Furniture Design Outdoor Furniture

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All Natural Eco Furniture

“Healthy Planet, Healthy Home” is the motto for Stem furniture. For some companies, one or two eco-friendly elements are enough but not here. Instead, they make each component of every piece of furniture with the best available non-toxic materials. Additionally, they use no fire retardants and they strive for a reduction of harsh chemicals.

Eco-chic Furniture Design All Natural Furniture

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A Delightful Eco Glow Collection

Shown here is the work of Kim Markel whose delightful, earth-friendly Glow Collection pieces are made of recycled plastic. These deceptively delicate creations are said by some to look good enough to eat. To have a lighter impact on the world, she uses existing materials in her creations.

Eco-chic Furniture Design Kim Merkel Glow Collection

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I hope this gives you a step in the right direction about what is available for eco-chic furniture design. However, there is a whole world of possibilities so I invite you to return to see more updates about this and other interior design trends of 2019.

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