Best Home decor stores Miami: Be it modish sofa covers or exquisite chandeliers–trendy interior decoration is the best part of owning a home. For once, you can let that hidden designer come out of the shell and express yourself. The perfect opportunity to let your personality and interests shine in the home decor.

Artistic, contemporary, Bohemian, minimalistic–there are hundreds of different styles in which you can dress your home. Plus, you don’t need to hire any professional for it either. Just grab some notebooks, pencils, and sketch the look you would want to see. For inspiration, browse the internet and gather ideas there.

Well, if you’re a Miami resident, then this process going to become a lot more fun too. The city has some fabulous home decor shops to visit. So, once you’re sure about what you want, get your bag ready because it’s time for shopping!

To help your Miami shopping experience, today, we bring you the top eight home decor stores in Miami that you certainly shouldn’t miss. Read more!

Visit These 8 Amazing Home Decor Stores in Miami

Top 8 Fabulous Home Decor Shops in Miami

1. Alhambra Antiques

If you feel intrigued by ancient furniture and antique items, then head out to the Alhambra Antiques. This amazing place houses French and European antique furniture that will leave you stunned.

The people at Alhambra Antiques have collected all the furniture themselves during their travels. So, you can find only the finest home decor of all time.

Some pieces even date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. However, they still appear trendy and exotic. You can add those vintage and retro vibes to your indoors using these antiques.

2. Plant the Future

Having plants in your home can bring an overwhelming sense of liveness and freshness. The plants keep your indoors oxygen-rich and promote optimistic feelings with the green color too.

Plant The Future is a design studio and plant decor boutique located in Miami. The shop has also won awards for its projects that aim to bring nature and people closure using design.

Their team also produces custom plant arrangements, signs, figurines, and even jewelry. The plants can be either living or preserved.

3. The Wallpaper Company

Wallpapers complete the room aesthetics with their intriguing texture and color variations. Plus, it also keeps your walls safe.

If you want to add wallpapers to your home decor, do not miss out on a visit to the Wallpaper Company. Although their headquarters is in Miami, outlets of the Wallpaper Company are present throughout the United States.

Founded in 2011, this brand is a pioneer in creating the best and the prettiest wallpapers. You can find a thousand different colors, styles, materials, and whatnot.

4. Luminaire Lab

The Luminaire Lab has all the iconic, contemporary furniture to offer for your home. Opened in 2002, the shop occupies a staggering 7,500 square foot space. Also, it is intriguing is its design.

Unlike traditional showrooms in the city, the creative infrastructure of Luminaire Lab amuses visitors. Once inside, people become awestruck by the gorgeous collection. From sofas to lights, you will find all kinds of modish and contemporary home décor items. Beware, you will end up buying a lot of stuff!

5. Artefacto

Artefacto is one of the oldest cheap home decor companies in Miami that recently celebrated its 45th anniversary. You will find several different outlets present throughout the city. However, the newest 40,000-square foot outlet is the one you should visit.

The shop features the latest 2021 exquisite collection released on account of Artefacto’s 45th anniversary. Patricia Anastassiadis, a reputable designer, has crafted it only for the company. It comprises innovative indoor and outdoor furnishings. Certainly, worth getting for your home!

6. Victoria’s Armoire

The perfect place to find rustic-chic and coastal furniture is Victoria’s Armoire. Opened in 1991, the store manufactures amazing vintage home decor collections. You will come across chairs, pillows, chandeliers, sofas, and so much more.

Victoria’s Armoire has everything you need to create a stylish yet retro thematic indoors. Plus, the prices for all items are quite reasonable too.

7. Eclectica

Eclectica is the go-to option if you love repurposing things and have a tight budget too. Founded in 2006, it is one of the best second-hand shops in the entire city of Miami. It is a thrift store that sells revamped and restyled furniture. From beds to showpieces, you can find all kinds of beautiful home decor items in excellent condition.

8. Addison House

The Addison House has been operating as the best luxury furnishings shop in Miami for over 30-years.

It has three gorgeous outlets in the city. Also, each one provides a unique design experience. You can explore premium furniture by the top manufacturers of the world displayed in one place.

In conclusion.

Miami has a treasure of amazing home decor shops. You get an assortment of unique items to adorn your house with and make things stylish. Happy shopping! If you have questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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