As a homeowner, there are reasons why you should engage in improvement projects and add value to your home. Of course, at the top of that list is — you want your house to look smart and expensive.

However, due to current events, spending a lot of money on home projects is not a reality for many homeowners. So instead, you might consider a few small changes to transform your home.

The distinct advantage is that this approach saves you the trouble of running up your credit card or depleting your savings account to renovate your home. To that end, we’ve done our research! Here are five tactics to make your house look smart and expensive. 

5 Tactics to Make Your House Look Smart and Expensive

① Illuminate Your Home with Lighting 

All You Need to Make Your House Look Smart and Expensive - Illuminate Your Home with Lighting

Incorporating lighting pieces that are expressive and interesting is an easy and effective trick to make your home look more expensive. Think of lighting if you wish to achieve a luxurious glow in your home.

Consider lighting pieces with design detail, exciting shape, and focusing on attention-grabbing that will make a statement in your room.

It is also advisable to arrange the lighting according to various heights and bulb sizes to create a dramatic effect that eliminates unflattering shadows. 

② Consider a Fresh Paint Job

Consider a Fresh Paint Job - All You Need to Make Your House Look Smart and Expensive

Although painting the walls of your house may seem to be time consuming and expensive tasks, it can transform your home a great deal. There are a few things that you can paint and give new life to your existing appliances and furniture.

Always consider revisiting the older pieces in your home. If you could be stuck with cabinet colors that contradict with other appliances’ color schemes, get fresh paint and try painting them neutral colors.

The same concept should be applied to other outdated pieces in your home. You can make your house look beautiful and expensive through painter and decorator London. 

③ Use Lots of Mirrors 

Use Lots of Mirrors - All You Need to Make Your House Look Smart and Expensive

Lighting and mirrors work together. A few well-placed mirrors paired with suitable lighting can give an illusion that your space is far more extensive than it is.

To create this illusion, let your mirror hang near a lighting source. Hanging a larger mirror increases its functionality, widens the space, and makes the room feel larger.

Another eye-catching and creative effect is to hang an assortment of mirrors in various shapes and sizes to create an electric and artistic design on the walls.  

④ Use Fresh Flowers and Greenery 

All You Need to Make Your House Look Smart and Expensive - Use Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Flowers are an effective and easy way to add the right color and texture into your house’s various rooms. You will add a comfort and hospitality level to your house once you add a decorative vase filled with either bought or local garden flowers.

Try arranging your bouquet from grocery store flowers if the cost of buying fresh flowers is too high. The right flower arrangement might also show off your amateur arrangement skills to your family and friends. 

⑤ Install Impressive Molding 

All You Need to Make Your House Look Smart and Expensive

Installing moldings in your house can make it look more expensive and polished. Fortunately, it’s relatively inexpensive to install crown molding throughout your home.

Moldings create continuity between your walls and ceiling. While white color best works for a clean and polished look, feel free to get creative! Also, anytime you need quality painting services for your home, kindly consider painter and decorator London.  

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