What about the importance of redesigning your office space? Even if you’re working remotely, you spend a lot of time in the office. Therefore, you must ensure that your working environment is comfortable, appealing, and promotes productivity.

What’s even better, with a working space that you enjoy, it’s more efficient and productive. You also save on space and boost employee motivation.

The result is a happy staff, higher productivity, and therefore, better success. If you are thinking about giving your office a new look, here are a few tips for redesigning your office space.

Redesigning Your Office Space • 6 Tips

6 Expert Tips for Redesigning Your Office Space

① Create a Collaborative Space

Human connection is crucial even in the office. When you decide to redesign your office space, opt for an open layout that allows for easy collaboration. You can also choose to partition the offices using glass to facilitate teamwork while giving your workplace a contemporary look.

As you design your working spaces, take note of technological needs. These include the location of shared or critical equipment such as printers, Wi-Fi routers, projectors, and even phone jacks. You can then plan your office to allow for easy access to essential technologies.

② Include a Break-Space

As you create a collaborative space that encourages employee interaction, don’t forget to include a break-space. Your employees don’t have to sit on their desks all day working and may need to catch a break.

Design break-spaces that cater to everyone in your workplace. Designate areas for those who want to socialize and those who need some quiet time. A break-space helps employees relax, re-energize and stay motivated. Ensure that the break-space is free of any work-related items to bring in some fun at the workplace.

③ Introduce Plants

Plants bring life to any room, freshen the air, and improves its aesthetic appeal. Look for low maintenance plants like snake plant and aloe for your office as they are easy to keep. You can place the plants by the windows, at the corner of the office, or on the desk.

When choosing plants for your offices, ensure you find out what it needs to survive so you can take care of it adequately. For example, some plants need a lot of light to thrive, while others do well in moist places. Always get indoor plants that suit your office environment to ensure they serve the purposes.

④ Organize and Declutter

An organized workplace allows for focus and concentration, keeps it tidy, and makes it easy to maneuver. It also promotes easy retrieval of items. Get rid of unnecessary items such as old furniture or items that are no longer useful to remove clutter. You can use commercial waste pick up services to get rid of the trash, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of them yourself. Just cleaning up and decluttering can free up a lot of space that you can use in other ways. If you have lots of files, documents, and items lying about, keep them away in cabinets or alternative storage such as shelves.

⑤ Get Good Quality Furniture and Lighting

Redesigning your office space can be as simple as updating your furniture. Good quality furniture impacts how your office looks as well as the wellbeing of your employees. If your work involves sitting for long hours, invest in high-quality ergonomic chairs. Doing so prevents back pain and other problems associated with poor posture.

While high-quality furniture may be pricey, it is worth it as it will last you longer and give you value for your money. Also, maximize natural light using large glass windows to make your office look brighter and airy. You can also opt for smart lighting that allows you to adjust it depending on your preference. Smart lighting makes it easy for you to personalize your office lighting according to your needs.

⑥ Incorporate the Company’s Brand

Let your office space speak for your company and depict your brand. While you don’t have to brand every piece of furniture and wall with your company logo, you can introduce your brand’s elements in your office space. Consider using company colors subtly, such as incorporating them in your finishing and flooring where applicable.

You can also display meaningful messages, such as company values, creatively on your walls, furniture, or décor. Letting your brand shine in your working environment reinforces your company culture and gives your customers a sneak-peak of your company values.

In Conclusion

With the above tips, you can turn your office space into a modern working environment that accommodates diversity. Remember to always talk to your employees before making any changes to help you in planning.

Doing so ensures that you improve the appearance of your office while meeting the needs of your staff. It also shows that you have their interests at heart, which boosts employee morale.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any other questions or suggestions. Also below, you will find several references to other interesting articles about ALL things DESIGN.

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