Eco-friendly Materials for Healthy Design Explained

Designing and furnishing your home for an eco-friendly environment might not be as much of an enigma as you might think. While most people understand the importance of "eco-friendly" or "green", many don't understand what those terms represent…
What You Can Learn from Vincent van Gogh

Why You Don’t Want to Be an Artist Like Vincent van Gogh

The life and death of Vincent van Gogh fascinate the public. His name is synonymous with sadness while his artistic genius is known all over the world. For instance, there aren’t many people who haven’t seen an amazing print of The Starry…
Budding Freelancers of Interior Design

7 Helpful Tips for Budding Freelancers of Interior Design

Interestingly, not all designers are professionals who get paid top money for projects. Instead, many designers are part-time freelancers who pursue design as a hobby or passion on the side. Designing in any field is one of the most rewarding…
Adapt Your Home for Increased Independence with Grab Rails

Grab Rails; Home Adaptations for Increased Independence

Grab rails or handrails are great for improving mobility around the home, they can be used for older adults or people with disabilities. They are specifically designed to support the weight of a person, helping them to balance and navigate…
Fall in Love with Living Green Walls

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Living Green Walls

When we hear the term green walls, most of us envision a vegetated wall surface. While that is correct, there is more to the subject than simply a wall with plants. So, let's quickly delve into this subject to learn more about living green…
Fresh Green Plants for a Livable Design

Fresh Green Plants for a More Liveable Interior

Fresh plants in the home bring enjoyment to everyone. What's interesting is some historians think this practice began in ancient Egypt.
4 Modern Kitchen Designs

4 Modern Kitchen Design Tips for Young Professionals

The modern kitchen is one of the most important areas to design with convenience and style in mind. With the right design, prepping food, cooking, and cleaning is easier than ever. If you are a young professional, before moving forward with…
Harmony with the Environment

Own a Home That is in Harmony with the Environment

There are many different ways you can play your part in protecting the environment. You can choose to use less plastic, eat less meat, grow your own fruit and vegetables, drive an electric car, and stop buying products that contain palm oil. It…

How Effective are Your Email Analytics?

Every business owner that expects success for their online venture needs email analytics and the interior design business is no different. Analytics is an important part of any strategy because it allows you to identify both problem areas and…
3 DIY Sustainability Weekend Projects

3 DIY Sustainability Weekend Projects for Your Home

The primary purpose of sustainability projects is to increase the energy efficiency of your home. You might think these projects are too big to take on and require a great deal of time and trouble. However, there are projects that you can…
Interior Design Resolutions to Bring in the New Year

3 Excellent Interior Design Resolutions to Bring in the New Year

New Year's design resolutions are the perfect time to take inventory of our interior spaces and decide what needs to stay or go to recycling. But, do you include the interior design of your home when you make your resolutions? If not, consider…
Outsourcing to Meet Your Business Talent Requirements

Outsourcing to Meet Your Business Talent Requirements

If you're unfamiliar with the term "outsourcing" when it comes to the search for new talent for your business, you'll miss out on some great recruitment opportunities. The ability to outsource gives the freedom to build a…