Fashionable and Comfortable Low-Rise Hosiery

Here is another brilliant example of what happens when design inspiration meets necessity.  Ladies!  We can finally wear our favorite pair of low-rise dress pants, coupled with that darling, cropped, waist-line jacket without bearing our undergarments to the world!  Leave the string hanging out of your of jeans to the younger generation and sport some sexy style with a pair  of fashionable (and comfortable) low-rise hosiery.

We are introducing a new product, “Erica in Style” by Erica Miyasaka, the most comfortable low rise hosiery. As you may have experienced yourself, many women have issues with old fashion hosiery.

First, the narrow and tight waist band cuts into the stomach and leaves an unsightly line that can even sometimes be seen through your clothing.

Second, with pant styles being a more slimming, low rise cut it is often difficult to find hosiery that doesn’t creep it’s way into site every time you lean forward.

Plainly speaking, it is very uncomfortable, unhealthy, and it doesn’t look good. It spoils fashionable styles and feelings.

I always hoped that someone would create a comfortable, elegant, & sexy low rise hosiery. But, no one did. So, after many years of waiting, I decided to create the hosiery myself. The result is Erica in Style, low rise hosiery. It’s amazing comfort and elegant, sexy style is very unique.


I have even worn a pair for up to 24 hours.  They feel just as comfortable the 24th hour as they did the moment I put them on.

Erica Miyasaka, President & Founder, Erica in Style,Inc.

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