Girly Dorm Room Design for Back to School

If your tastes are more feminine, check out this fun and flirty dorm room design! From hot pink comfy throws to contrasting deep purple mood lighting, this design has it all. Be inspired to create your very own dorm room design and enter for your chance to win a professionally designed dorm room of your very own.

Fun and Flirty Dorm Room Design

Your Future’s So Bright Bedding

Express your success and chic girly style with this bright pink and purple bedding set. Boasting a bright future ahead, sleep well wearing your shades at night.

Posh Comfort

Slink back with a book in this rounded posh chair that wraps around you with arms of comfort.

Designer Storage

Every dorm room design needs ample storage. Spice up your storage spaces using bright colored bins and containers.

Pink Comfy Throw

Curl up with a cozy, soft blanket that adds a splash of color to your white chair.

Hot Spot Area Rug

Your dorm room will be the hot spot for every pre-party gathering with your fun and flirty decor. Add an area rug to soften your living space.

Deep Purple Mood Lighting

Set the mood with some soft, glowing lighting from your desk lamp. This modern design compliments the collection well.

Dorm Room Design Contest

Don’t forget to enter our Dorm Room Design Contest to win a professionally designed dorm room for the upcoming school year! Just click on the image below for contest details and to enter!

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