Backyard Fire Pits

Fire pits are one hot trend in backyard designs that seem to be here to stay is what Patio Guys tells us! These beautiful pieces are not only decorative, but functional as well – helping to keep you warm, roast marshmallows or even cook a pizza.

Here are some great designs we found to help inspire you in creating a backyard fire pit:

Modern Fire Pit

Just because it holds fire doesn’t mean it has to look rustic. We found this sleek, modern fire pit at Ernsdorf Designs:


Suburban Backyard Fire Pit

This fire pit is perfect for suburban backyard, we found it at It’s simple design is tucked into a corner next to the privacy fence, and includes a great-looking wood stack as well:

An All-Round Fire Pit

This fire pit fromuses a rounded design to soften up all the concrete. The seating is perfect for large groups – allowing everyone at the party to have the best seat in the house!

Elegant Fire Pit

This fire pit from Oklahoma Hardscape Supply uses landscaping and paver blocks instead of poured concrete. The result is an elegant look with lots of texture:

Planning on Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard?

Here are five tips to keep in mind when designing a fire pit for your backyard:

1 – Wood, gas or gel? Decide what you want to burn before you build your structure. Each type of fuel will require a different type of enclosure. (Each also smells and cooks differently – so keep in mind how you’ll be using it!)

2 – Do you have enough room? Remember, you need room around your fire pit to seat your family and guests – PLUS room to safely move around the fire.

3 – Are you prepared for maintenance? Fire pits require maintenance just like everything else in your yard. So, budget extra time and money each year for repairs and upkeep.

4 – Is a fire pit allowed in your city/town? Each local area has its own rules about fires. So, be sure that you check into those rules before building your fire pit – it could be costly to have the work re-done to get it up to code.

5 – Design the space around the fire pit as well. Think about adding a patio or pebbles around the fire pit to catch ash and designate the seating area. Consider where you will sit when enjoying the fire. Also think about the types of plants and trees that you can use to add color and interest around your new fire pit.

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